zephyr wrote

i didn't read much of the article but here's a thought about voting.

two u.s. polls: 2014 - 54% of nonvoters had a high school diploma or less while 17% of nonvoters had grad or postgrad college degrees. 2020 - 61% of nonvoters had a hs diploma or less while 16% of nonvoters had graduate or postgraduate college degrees. nonvoters are mainly uneducated people.

in 2016 trump's win was propelled by his large share of the 'poorly educated' vote.

so now i'm thinking the fact that nearly half the people in the u.s. don't vote may be a good thing after all although probably for reasons opposite those expressed in the article.


zephyr wrote

by lumping population control with eugenics and border wars this article implies all three are equally part of the racist agenda of the tanton network.

but the world is overpopulated and common sense (and science) tells us that no species on earth can continue to grow at an exponential rate without destroying its habitat which in this case is the entire world.

solving this problem has nothing to do with racist eugenic practices. but it has a lot to do with rejecting the idea that economies must continually grow and more people in the world is the easiest way to do that.

it's the wealthy and powerful that are in need of 'control.' it's their greed that drives the need for continual economic growth.