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Stephen Colbert had a great bit on this on The Colbert Report.

In the first episode, he promised a revolution. The last episode aired during the Trump era, and he said something to the effect of, "See? I promised a revolution, and we got one, we revolved right back to the beginning." Im paraphrasing a lot, but yeah its a weird word to use considering revolutions do usually end up in similar or worse positions eventually.


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How Holocausts Happen.

Decent book that goes into the Holocaust and its causes, and then draws parallels to the US actions in central america. About halfway through right now.

After this i have People's History of the Vietnam War.


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Hooked up with group communists, one even self identifies as a maoist!

Haven't had any heated discussions, yet, but they seem to have a general antipathy towards anarchist organization. The word "movementist" was said once and i spaced out cause that shit isn't a word.


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I had a good laugh at my friends and family having a meltdown at the "insurrection."

Broke my phone a while back. Got the screen replaced but the typing is sorta fucked up. Oh well. Now im planning on getting a flip phone because this is the third time ive broke this phone alone.

Working with communists is annoying. All procedural and bureaucratic. Y'all can vote and meet all you want, im here to hand out food and make propaganda.

So it goes.


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Trying to get back into it lol.


Yoga was the only thing that kept me sane when i spent 3 months in jail forever ago. Now my back hurts and it helps.


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Ummm... A singer with a gruff voice, penchant for camp and melancholy, and a willingness to experiment... Maybe captain beefheart. Start with the more bluesy stuff befire jumping into Trout Mask Replica, or just dive right in.

Listener is a similar style but in hiphop, and they only have a few worthwhile songs, mainly Wooden Heart (if i remembered the name correctly).

Not too many contemporary artists try to do a waits style, because tom waits himself evolves constantly, and every folk songwriter seems to want to be the next dylan instead. I could be wrong and would honestly love to be, so if anyone knows a current artists in this vein please share!


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I have found that the above method works well with up to, roughly, 15 sheets of paper, which works out to about 55 pages plus a cover. Once you start going beyond that the zines become a little unruly and hard to close. For larger works you will have to look up bookbinding. Wikihow has a pretty good introduction IIRC, but its been a while since ive read about it.

Use the anarchist library, it has a ton of stuff that is ready to print for zine and pamphelet making.


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Is there a difference between say, Heather Heyer (again, im america based sorry) becoming a martyr and Wilhem Van Spronsen(sp?)?

Not trying to pick on you or anything.


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This is tricky, because a lot of anarchist and post left theory does away with idea of heroism, idols, and martyrs, but anarchists do have a few martyrs we dont necessarily idolize, but we recognize their efforts in the struggle.

(America based, sorry) Two prominent stories i can think of are the Haymarket Anarchists and Sacco & Vanzetti. Both groups weren't looking to become martyrs or die for the cause, but they still held theor beliefs until the end which is commendable and should be recognized.

Maybe that is the difference, whereas a lot of right wing "martyrs" seem to be looking for a fight and die or get arrested performing their acts, trying to become martyrs, the anarchists sre just victims of their ideology.

Well..most of them. Still, we shouldnt idolize any one person or act, because then that negatea the importance of all other acts against oppression that have been performed. Such as with MLK, he became a martyr for the CRM and now almost all other actions during that time have become eclipsed.

Uhh..so idk. Martyrdom is no bueno.


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Yes extinction rebellion. They have a hell of a PR team if nothing else. I find them to be what most people generally assume public protest should be: loud, garish, but with a curfew.

Yes the myth of MLK has been weaponized against protesting. They say MLK brought down racism and won civil rights by peaceful means....which we know for fact did not happen. Makes for a great story though.


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Even MLK grew to realize the limitations of a peaceful resistance.

Sit ins at a restaurant or government office, if actual insurrection is the aim, could work. The main focus of the original sit ins was to be arrested in such numbers as to effectively shut down the police stations and jails. Sort of how XRs protests only aim to be a spectacle. But if these moments werent predestined for repression, and were instead defended with intent to occupy permanently, then that could prove to be an effective tactic. But it isnt new. That is an old tactic from the old unionizing days. Occupy the shopfloor until your demands are met or you get into a shootout with police.

Edit: and isnt that the basis of TAZs?

The impact he made was huge for bringing the plight of the black americans to the light, and for organising blacks to take a stand. But he was only one of many, and his peaceful tactics were more palatable to the news networks and the establishment. He became the scapegoat for politicians and professional organisers to come. All protester violence is met with cries of remember MLK, completely ignoring what he truly stood for. He was a complicated man who tried to do something amazing, got coopted by the man and made some mistakes along the way.

Hes cool.