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not sure if this is satirical...

its not following black leadership so much as white folk respecting black voices within the chaos and not losing sight of the issues at hand.

Or i could be misinterpreting everything.

EDIT: just saw that editorial on IGD. Okay. NVM. Imma leave it be though for posterity.


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Unless you are scavenging for berries and roots in the forest, I am assuming most vegans purchase veggies from stores or grow them personally. Either way involves displacing local fauna and animal life to fulfill your own needs. And unless you are communing with the animals and plants in your area to come to a consensus about the appropriate amount of veggies you are allowed to plant in a given area, that is a form of hierarchy.

AND if you are scavenging for berries then i must assume you adhere to primitive survival skills and therefore are okay with killing animals as long as you use them for personal sustenance and not for profit.

I kid of course. I have the utmost respect for vegans and I hope to achieve that level of commitment one day but living in the midwest my options (while increasing!) for vegan or even vegetarian meals at restaurants are limited or nonexistant.

There are no community gardens in my area (for now, i am working on getting one set up) and the land i currently occupy is not my own.

Anarchism and veganism are two distinct idealogies that complement but do not necessarily need to intersect.


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So a guy comes in, breaks windows, tries to fight other protesters, then dips?

Suspect yeah, but (I couldnt hear the conversations very well) what other proof is there that this is a cop and not an asshole?


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So if one were to build social media accounts solely through Tor and only accessed them through Tor then it would go towards concealing my personal identity from the one being created.

As for Orbot as VPN, what i meant was - does it act more generally and not as a specific browser application like the Tor Browser? For instance: if I have Orbot enabled, and I access a social media app, would all of the app's data be transferred through the Tor network?

If I can ask you another question ( you have been too generous already): what would the danger be in downloading a file from Tor? I have read some stuff online and AFAIK, the real danger lies in the file "calling home." Would putting your device in airplane mode and then opening the file eliminate that danger, or is there something else that needs to be done? I am specifically looking to d/l stuff from the anarchist library to print and hand out if that makes a difference.

Sorry and thanks again for helping this noob out!


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No definitely not lol. The only thing i did to prepare was reading The Illiad and The Odyssey, (which i had been wanting to read anyway) but that really didnt add to my enjoyment.

The best way to read it, I think, is to let the words pour over you and paint their pictures. He has such an amazing grasp of language that even the made up words make perfect sense.


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Just got Anarchist Pedagogies, really looking forward to delving into it.

Been trying to slog my way through What is Property? but got sidetracked by ..life.