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The power of people sitting in their bedroom with a Soviet Union flag on the wall posting laser eyes Stalin memes will be unfathomable


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I'm sure all the crusader larpers and Greek bust enthusiasts on pol and Youtube comment sections are all incredibly well-adjusted people just living their best life, laying down the most epic of pipes

You might as well be asking why people who go to gun ranges are more likely to be Alex Jones fans, it says little about guns or going to the gym but a whole lot about the toxic culture that's been built around both


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Maybe I'm just hopelessly old, but I joined the Discord on the day of the ban and really can't see it as any kind of discussion platform, it's essentially a Twitch chat with thousands of people spamming emojis at once

It's more of a hangout space for zoomers. I like the Reddit clone thing Raddle has going on but the population isn't exactly there


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This isn't entirely unexpected, when Reddit has banned legitimately shitty subs, they often get rid of ban evasion subs as they pop up. The difference is that those subs and their users were, you know, racists and harassers with actually objectionable content and not just leftists shitposting and griping about the podcast the sub was formed around

Reddit still sucks all the ass in the world


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Sure, Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Von Dunkel, the lvl 88 Odinist Rune Wizard and Warrior_of_Christ98, defender of traditional gender roles and the Constitution are probably not going agree on whether you should say Christmas, Xmas or Midvinterblot, but I'm fairly certain both of them are fully on board with Trump and the GOP, and that the guys at the very top don't mind either as long as they're not being so overtly and visibly crazy that they'll create bad PR