yeetyeetyeet wrote

Jesus christ, Armani?

I've taken clothes from a store JUST because I knew the SA was on my ass and she wouldn't leave me alone, so I did it out of spite and to prove that her ass couldn't catch me despite tailing me the whole time and not even letting me carry my own clothes in my hand. (stuff like the second I pick something up she grabs it out of my hands and says "I can put this in your fitting room for you" knocking on my fitting room door every 2 minutes to "see if I'm okay"), me leaving the fitting room and she's waiting outside the door for me despite me telling her I'm okay shopping on my own) . But never designer.

Just don't go back.


yeetyeetyeet wrote

Now that I've gotten better at shoplifting I steal random shit I don't even like or want, just because I can. I stole $6000 worth of clothes on black friday and half of them I don't even like, it's not that I want the stuff, I'm just addicted to the adrenaline rush of knowing my total price (cost of everything I've stolen combined) went up.