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I'm not too smart. I just like to cause myself trouble. A hobby of mine, haha.

But I do pipe stuff to slstatus. E-mail notifications. Well... Indirectly. I use a small shell script to pipe output to a file that it turn gets used by slstatus. But you can pipe output of slstatus unto a command-line. I think there are facilities to do the thing you want to do.

Don't know anything about using powerline-shell. Seems like you might be able to do something similar though. But just taking a guess: if you can get hold of the information you want, you might be about to use the "segments" functionality for it?

Glanced at the python imports and I noticed that it use the 'shutils' library in places. I don't know how that relates to the rest of the code, but that enables might enable you to use shell commands somehow.

But as I said... I'm just making assumptions. I could be completely wrong, but the problem seems intriguing to me, haha. All this might not be helpful. Try to ask the developers about it.


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Your head. Immune to software bugs, exploits and pretty much impossible to break into unless you or some reason really like to talk about your passwords.

I'm not just being a smartass. I tried a few and I never got it. I think most people have some kind creative thing they do. Borrow from that. Any kind of pattern you know by heart that others wouldn't.

Doesn't matter what it is. Knitting patterns, musical notation, the dimensions of a boat you'd like to build. Translate it into keyboard strokes. Something private nobody knows about because it's a figment of your imagination. If you're really paranoid it's easy to remember 40-50 characters passwords by doing that.

It's not for everybody. I just dislike password managers, haha. The above it my recommendation. Be your own password manager. Get creative.


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Something like slstatus maybe? Or do mean command-line in an actual terminal window? Do you have any particular reason as to why you' want that?


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Ardent Debian GNU/Linux user here. I've at least thought about trying some BSD variant.

At the moment I'm pretty content with my "setup". I wanna stress that I'm a curious/passionate user, the code-stuff I've done i negligible, but it seems like a trend for me to simplify things as I go along. I've really grown fond of some suckless stuff.

I use st and dwm (and various other smaller tools) at the moment. If my Unix history isn't a product of my mind it seems to me that the project's goals are more "Unix:y" than some distro default software. In comparing some of the BSD:s and the GNU/Linux distros it seem that the former might be closer to the Unix ideal or whatever.

With that said. If you want stripped down you can be stripped down no matter what path you choose. I'd tread water if we talked have kernel-design, but when it comes to choosing and using software I've never really hit any walls so far.

I probably could install a Debian-like (or some other distro) base system and the just build all the shit I wanna use from source. So apart from that the BDS:s have this tradition to just dump a whole system on you I'd say that you could probably get what you want no matter which alternative you go with.

I fully subscribe to edmund_the_destroyer's point about licenses though. One thing that I've read but never really got until recently was the criticism of GNU-specific software provide novel and bulky solutions to all kinds of things. 2 examples: take info (texinfo) or tar. There's probably some good reason for info but man pages is fine with me. tar, well... Compare the OpenBSD and GNU man pages and you'll see what I mean.

Buuut... What I said before still stands. If you want stripped down you can have it no matter how you choose.


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I.e. this is what everybody say that they want. Corporations deciding what's good for people and what's not. It is pretty much in line with every slogan and demand both individuals and organizations spout every couple of days.


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They say it like it is something bad. They're just doing what people are telling them to do when governments/others say that they should take "responsibility".

One week it's like: "Ooooh! Save us from Russian propaganda! Decide what's FAKE NEWS for us, please, please, pretty please?! Who needs to decide what they read when they've got Facebook/et al.. Here's some money! Build data-centers in our backyard! Fuck, investing public money in shit that benefit people! That's sooooo 90's."

The next: "They're censoring us! Tyrants, Tyrants! Stop them! Google! Stop Facebook! Facebook! Stop Google!"

"No? Why do you say no? Why won't you answer our questions?"


On the phone: "Hi, McDonalds! Good to meat you (no buns intended). Wanna stop Facebook?"


"Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" McDonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalds?"

(wither and dies with the phone in hand)


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Got no experience with Go and I don't seem to have any environment to run it without installing that. Does seem like a neat too though.

I guess C, Python, Perl or sh programs are more in line with what I'm asking for. And well... Ruby I guess, since I got jekyll installed. But otherwise, anything written in a language that can be assumed to run a fresh Debian installation or something like that.


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For something to go rotten is has to be unspoilt to begin with. Jobs is far worse in the sense that he has this hippie-dippy type of aura painted over him whenever he's mentioned.

I'll take a Una-bomber over a Jim Jones any day. If you're an asshole you might as well be upfront about it and cut the crap.


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I don't wanna be the one who stack sorry:s on sorry:s, that can escalate into too pleasant quickly. (hehe). I do however want to stress that most of what I wrote was something of a "stream of consciousness"-thing.

In short, I didn't respond to you because I thought you said what you're saying you're sorry for. It's cool. I even found funny so it's doubleplusgood.


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Haha, yeah! Was just going to post this link. Couldn't help but read look at some comments.

Seems like alt-ri... alt-redd... *hrm, hrm*

Seems like redditor are Nostradamus' offspring. Because they're basically predicting the end of the world.

(What a bunch of fucking morons. I usually don't get too worked up over these things, but well... Fuck those people.)


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More or less related but detached from my previous comment:

Some friendly ranting and verbal conflict can enhance discussions. As long as everybody can be reasonably assumed to be in on it.

Doesn't mean that ideological elitism and machismo is okay though. From what I've gathered it has been explicitly allowed in relation to the kernel and has been practiced over time. I.e. it's ideological.


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Apart from being a pessimist I'm also an idealist. Albeit a battered one. Therefore I'll assume good faith for the time being.

With that said, I think everything after "...got hacked" is correct. I've read more than one account on people leaving because of the atmosphere. Seeing as Torvalds and his "lieutenants" have considerable weight feeling slighted due to something they say must suck pretty hard.

Especially if you're one of those people who hesitate getting involved, decides to take a leap of faith and more or less getting crushed. In public...

So assuming he's genuine will do for now. There's a lot of stuff you can say about Torvalds but he's very frank and honest. I'll cautiously assume that's just what he's now.


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Wasn't anything monetary. I did it for the joy of it and because it is free software that hasn't changed. So in light of the latter I wasn't expecting anything.

As I mentioned, it was only when I saw the notification for a new release I even thought about it. Thank you.