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You're pushing a narrative that has little proof. Sure, there was invasion and warfare, and plenty of war crimes. That's the history of humanity. The Indigenous tribes of the America's were warrior tribes for a reason and were highly versed in warfare themselves.

The narrative that I'm questioning is that white people invaded the America's to kill everyone and take everything. Too many times do I see the story being pushed as '95% of NA's were killed by Europeans in warfare and by biological warfare'. That's completely false! The European settlers were a small minority compared to the approx. 112 million natives, and would have had zero chance of defeating them in battle, even with advanced weapons. Biological warfare didn't even properly exist until the early 1900s.

Smallpox has devastated the globe. During the 20th century, it is estimated that smallpox was responsible for 300–500 million deaths worldwide. It finally came to the Americas courtesy of unwitting European settlers and African slaves.

The narrative that smallpox was deliberately used to kill 95% of Native Americans holds little weight and has no proof.


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Digging away at history for the truth should be important for everyone. The current narrative pushed by NA activists took root in the 1960's counter-culture of the USA, pushed by mainly white hippies, and ignores historical facts to push an agenda.

I strongly believe that we should challenge all historical narratives that have little or no proof, even if they come from our side of the political spectrum. I argue with fellow vegans, straight-edgers, anti-colonialists, and general lefties all the time.

And c'mon man, trying to steal my handle? Uncool!


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Friendly reminder that smallpox, unintentionally spread by European settlers and African slaves, is what killed the vast majority of indigenous Americans. It also killed plenty of Europeans and Africans at the same time. The 'smallpox laden blankets' bio-terror story is almost completely a myth. There are only 2 recorded mentions of this being suggested, one of which never proceeded, and the other did proceed but was the act of one man. The blankets, though coming from smallpox infected individuals, were likely fine as they weren't fresh. There's no proof it had any effect as smallpox was already ravaging that area. Native Americans actually spread the smallpox to the fort from which the blankets originated!

Smallpox also likely wiped out huge segments of the Mayan's and Inca's, leaving them vulnerable to the Spanish. The decrease in population, and the subsequent rewilding of the land, caused a mini ice age.

So, some question this raises:

  • why are NA activists falsely claiming Europeans conducted bio-warfare and are responsible for a genocide?
  • if smallpox didn't factor in, what would America look like today?
  • if the climate cooled after 90%+ of NA's died from smallpox, does that mean their agricultural practices were warming the world?

UPDATE: here are some sources for anyone interested in a fact-based assessment of history, as opposed to anti-European and anti-African propaganda:

The British, the Indians, and Smallpox: What Actually Happened at Fort Pitt in 1763?

Biological Warfare in Eighteenth-Century North America: Beyond Jeffery Amherst

Cherokee Medicine, Colonial Germs: An Indigenous Nation’s Fight against Smallpox, 1518–1824

Epidemics and Enslavement - Biological Catastrophe in the Native Southeast, 1492-1715


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When lefties say ‘solidarity with...’ that’s as fucking useless as righties saying ‘thoughts and prayers’.


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I’m done with politics, current events and all the capitalism/socialism/anarchism garbage. Also closed my FB, twitter and 12 year reddit account recently. It feels good. Now my phone is a phone again, and sometimes a camera.