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Why not try the day after Black Friday? All the stores will be in complete disarray.


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Thanks for all the responses! Really appreciated it. I had success! Went on a relatively busy Sunday—wish it was more busy to be honest as My first choice bag was in a slower area with lots of eager SA’s. But my 2nd choice was in busy area but with less SA’s. I had two shopping bags from nearby $$$ stores ( I save. Every. Single. Shopping. Bag. Comes in handy) I had the two bags in my hand and slipped the purse in the crook of my arm like it was mine added one of my bags in front, looked at a few items around that part of the store, fixed me hair in a mirror and casually put on some lipstick I had in my back pocket added it to the purse like again, that it belonged to me and then excited from the side door. Definitely a little nerve racking but the trick is speed and looking like the clientele and general confidence. And knowing the store floor plan!! I entered from one door and left through another. Was in and out in about ten minutes.


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Right- look confident but not cocky. I’ve scoped out a certain store in advance and most of the bags on the floor are not tagged. Few security guards though. But figured if it was a busy Sunday they wouldn’t pay much mind to me.