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Walkout method is best option. Have no fear when walking out and look confident when leaving. Make sure you have receipt in hand, may also be good option to leave it somewhere closer to exit the day before and next day use a cart with a receipt and walkout... make sure you have every single tag off. This would be a big grab so do not slack. Good luck, also it is possible (source: experience :D)


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The juul will work if you steal it, the only possible thing that it would be activated for is the warranty if you wish to replace it at some point (you will need to make an account on the juul website and provide an ID that is for someone 21 years of age or older) but I'm not even sure about this. The only thing that would set off an alarm on a juul would be on the outside of the box. I have worked at stores which do not even have any tags on them but they are behind the counter. Good luck