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I've been reading a text compilation of Renzo Novatore's writings called "La Conquista de la Nada" (The Conquest of Nothing), it has been a pretty good read and i love his way of writing, it's like he's doing poetry while insulting all the ideologies in the world, and there's also actual poetry!, and i also loved it, i still haven't finished the compilation yet but so far it has been one of my favorite reads


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Ok, first of all, i'd recommend you follow this person's advice when you are not sure if something is a virus or not, which is what i'm going to do right now.

I'm suspicious of what's going on in the relations tab, on the execution parents, since there's quite a bit of stuff that's marked as malware by various security vendors, and also there's a lot of executions, which seems weird to me but idk.

And it also seems weird that one of the ddl files is making internet connections.

But the thing that makes me thing that what you downloaded may be malware is the stuff on the behavior tab, if you pay attention, you'll realize that the winmm.dll file is doing changes to the firewall which may be a red flag, and it's also doing some weird stuff on the Process and service actions part, accessing certain files that i don't think it should access, and the same goes to the other ddl file.

And also on the Detection tab there's a few warnings that worry me specially on the bb2018.dll file.

So if i was you i wouldn't use the file at all, but idk maybe i'm being paranoid or something, but just to be safe i wouldn't recommend that you use the software that you downloaded

And finally, always check the wiki for nice sites and always take some preliminary measures before downloading or installing anything.


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I'd recommend you check the wiki first, since there's a whole page full of sites for software.

But i wouldn't trust any of those sites that you show since 99% of the sites you find in search engines are filled with malware.

A russian tracker that i could recommend you would be RuTracker, you can find the link to it on the wiki ;)


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yeah i agree on everything that you said, but sadly i don't deal very well with people, i get nervous and stuff like that, so it's kinda hard for me to just talk to people about the music that i like or going to small concerts and simply hang around.

so that's basically why i was looking for, idk, alternatives or something, and that's how i ended up using last.fm for a while until i realized i barely used it and now here i am wondering if this kind of tools help artists.

also i have a question, why do you use discogs?, i just want to know if i could also use it.


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depends on which anarchist you're making the question; an ancom might say "yeah sure as long as it's direct democracy", but if you ask me, an anarcho-individualist and other stuff, if i'm for democracy, i'll just say "no, and don't ask me those type of questions again"

basically there's no central opinion that every anarchist agrees with; there'll be always an anarchist that says yes and another one that says no


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Alabama’s prisons are already under investigation by the Department of Justice for their inhumane conditions and extremely high levels of violence. In response, the state Legislature has allocated $400 million in COVID relief funds to build two new mega prisons to house their overflowing prison population.

"our prisions are horrible, so we made more! (with COVID funds btw ;) )"


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I like the article and I think that is very well done, however, I disagree on one part, which is:

A woman need not sacrifice or pay for this socially constructed equation. The society must change. The society must drop linking a woman to nature.

I feel that this particular part leaves out the individual emancipation of the woman in this case (although it applies to any case where a similar sentence is presented) and tells the woman that she must either wait or make the change in society, instead of making the change in herself.

I mean, it's like putting the onus of changing society on the reader, that or telling her that she should wait for change.