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Yup, and most (if not all) were from my family whenever I said something like "I don't wanna go there because I'm afraid or uncomfortable" or "Would you please understand that I'm tired/stressed?". At the end I learned how to deal with it, which is just not talking about anything that has to deal with personal feelings and problems; it's not a nice solution, but in my situation it's the best one sadly.

I also got the classics "well, that's life", "it is what it is", "well you just gotta deal with it", "I had it worse", and a looooong etc.


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Don't worry about the "I'm an old person so let me tell you how it is" thing, after all, experience is the best teacher!

It's nice to know that in your experience you have had more good than bad moments, and knowing that if someone attacks me is no my problem but theirs is a huge help.

I really like the idea of going to a protest and sharing zines related to it, I'll have to be more aware of the protests and zines in my area. And I also like the idea of just saying "Hey, do you want to read more about x?" and boom there it is, nothing else to say.

I think the tabling thing might take a while, but I absolutely want to do it! And I also always read the stuff that I'm sharing, I'd actually feel bad if I shared stuff that I haven't even read before.

I'm glad to know that there's also people that get nervous and anxious when trying to share this stuff yet they're able to do it anyway, thanks for your advice and sharing you experience I really appreciate it! (´▽`)


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They know that Muslims in certain towns have X marks on their doors and are being asked to leave. They know that Muslims have been ghettoised. And that now people who are accused of actually lynching, murdering Muslims are leading so-called religious processions through these ghettos. They know that vigilantes are out there with swords, calling for annihilation, calling for the mass rape of Muslim women.

Aw hell nah

The rest of the article/interview is way worse, holy shit, India might as well become another Nazi country, if it hasn't already.

The state of India is very precarious, very contested. We have a situation in which the constitution has been effectively set aside.


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Anarchy is not an ultimate solution for everything, it just means "no rulers". In that sense, NEETs will exist under anarchy just as depressed people will.

Will they have a better life on anarchy than on capitalism? Maybe, who knows; it's thanks to capitalism that NEETs are able to get all of their needs without ever getting out of their houses, so technically under anarchy NEETs might "suffer" because deliveries might not be as fast as they were on capitalism, or they might not even exist, among a lot of other things.

Anarchy can't "handle" people, because of the "no rulers" thing, but instead it can help them gain more independence since their oppressors won't exist anymore, and if they ever appear again NEETs are gonna know that there's a whole world of anarchists willing to fight any type of oppressor, including theirs. In that sense, NEETs oppressors (racists, homophobics, horrible families, ableists, etc.) wouldn't exist on anarchy, so NEETs would in theory be able to live a better life on anarchy.

As you can see, a lot of thing can be; NEETs might suffer on anarchy or they might love anarchy; but keep in mind that if a NEET is a racist, white supremacist or someone who wants to be a ruler in general they'll receive the same treatment as any other type of ruler.


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Para tener ojo al participar en movimientos y organizaciones abiertas, en especial en las siguientes cosas:

no era de Moratalaz y vivía en la calle Menéndez Pelayo con un tío, al que nadie conoció, en un piso, en el que nadie estuvo y del que nadie conoce la dirección exacta.

Participó en acciones como la ocupación durante unas horas de una sede de Bankia en el centro de Madrid, y estuvo en un grupo de apoyo al referéndum del 1 de octubre de 2017 en Barcelona, que defendió el acceso a la votación en la Escola El Carmel, en el barrio del mismo nombre. A ese colegio no acudió ningún cuerpo policial.

Quienes lo trataron dicen que tenía un carácter amistoso y que no desarrollaba un perfil beligerante en las asambleas, “era más bien callado”... No destacaba por sus opiniones políticas aunque se colocaba como la “voz de la sensatez” en las asambleas. También se recuerda que no solía tener problemas de dinero, algo que sorprendía en un grupo lleno de estudiantes, trabajadores precarios y parados de entre 20 y 25 años.