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I usually use my country's equivalent of craig's list or just eBay. That usually works well. The internet is a good place because nobody will ever really question why you're selling something.


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German here, I frequently lift at Kik, they seem not to care much. I usually take a few pieces of clothing, make it look like I'm just looking through the store, grab a few other items I'm interested in and hold them in the same hand as the clothes, then I grab like a shirt maybe so I have the stuff I want to take between clothes. It's just precaution, I don't think staff actually watches you. I then proceed into the changing stall and move around a little so it seems like I'm trying on stuff while removing tags and putting stuff in my bag, usually use a backpack. Just don't make it too obvious. Then I put the rest back and leave. Never had anything happen. I usually also do that at Action in NL since they're usually huge stores and don't care much. Osterijk is also great for that. Huge place, no cameras, nobody cares.