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i wasn't going to wade into this but fuck it:

this was not "mediation", this was just one person making an extremely aggressive demand for another person to do what they wanted, and couching it in the language of mediation to deflect criticism.

i'm not defending the original post(s) (an apology was probably warranted) but it's farcical to look at what happened here and imagine that this is a useful way of resolving or de-escalating conflict.

i think LL is a person who appreciates honest criticism and won't take this comment personally, but yeah this was a fuckup.


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oh, great! because countries with two elected houses are making democracy work so well. obviously the solution to your democracy being broken is to just add more democracy. just jam all the democracy you can into that thing. someone get a car crusher, we can fit more democracy in!


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i didn't mean to suggest someone can get a VPN then post whatever they want on Mastodon. i meant that you can try to hide your information with services like that but it isn't likely to be effective. that probably didn't come across very clearly though. (what i'm getting at is adding more links in a chain isn't increasing security if all of those links are vulnerable to the same attack.)


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i mean i didn't do this because on raddle everything you do is publishing, like it's putting something out there for people to read.

i know some people have their own forums here but i assume everyone reads raddle via the new posts / all forums setting.

on other platform it's less intimidating, you can just say stuff and people can choose to engage, you're not starting from a position of 'hey i thought this take was so good i came here to publish it'.

you know?


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yes but it's not the raddle chat anymore. it's the red frog chat. because ziq felt that it was being used to attack them and didn't want it to be official anymore.

also it's been dead for months and no one talks there anymore.