wagoncigs wrote

me: i love anarchism

y'all: we hate white males they all deserve to die

me: suddenly i hate anarchism

jesus fucking christ y'all, mans not even being a dickhead and you're acting like he's some T_D dickhead brigading is. I completely agree with the whole more oppressed people get priority, but listen to the absurdity of what you're saying.


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wagoncigs wrote

Pretty much same. My parents weren’t overbearing or anything, they were pretty laid back. I just went along with life, but with the question of why? Just because so many fucked up things were happening around me. It wasn’t until a few years ago I realized what was wrong.


wagoncigs wrote

Good looks. I usually just bounce when busy, slither by. I’ve never been caught but I don’t ever go crazy.

When I used to work food service, I would come in when I wasn’t working and the place wasn’t busy, make my food myself, pretend to charge myself (for the cameras or whoever was looking), then bounced. So much free food.