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Probably just referring to the indoor cameras. Outdoor security cameras don't tend to be hidden are usually classic looking long cameras.


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Depends if it's an iPhone or Android. iPhones will just be Activation Locked if you do it, but it's super easy to wipe them. Just put them into recovery mode (google that for the specific model as they switch after the SE I believe) and connect them to iTunes to restore it.

I don't do Android though. Maybe there's a tool to do that.


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OP you need to get a lawyer now.

NC felony's are only charged for items totaling over $1,000, if you tried to use an emergency exit, or if you used a tool to bypass security devices.

Otherwise those two felony charges should be misdemeanors.

EDIT: I see your other comment now saying you had a magnet on you. Sorry OP. RIP