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Yeah. It's a predominately wealthy area, so this is new. There's another Walmart around me that I take full credit for them having locked up the external hard drives. lmao. It was a not-so-wealthy area, but I would regularly clear them out of the small 1-4TB Seagate drives every month or so. One day I went in and they were behind glass. Haven't lifted from that one in a while.


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They've started using greeters randomly now, but it's usually just on one door. Majority of the time there isn't one. I always go mid-day or in the afternoon when it's busy. I truly don't think my store even employs LP every day. I've never seen a cop car there once in five years.

I'll rarely go after hours. I feel it's easier to be caught.


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Fill up a cart and walk out. I do it a bit differently though. I'll usually go from the grocery section to the front restrooms. Once you're past the registers, nobody gives you a second look. Since my store doesn't have cameras in grocery or at the registers, it's super easy. I just walk from the restrooms to the opposite doors and leave. I'll switch it up though and sometimes I'll just walk through closed registers to the restrooms.


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Nah, I organized my cart in such a way that the larger non-baggable stuff covers the rest of it. For to list the pack of water I got. That is crucial to my setup.

Water up front, Fresca on one side stacked up, paper towels on the other. The small stuff goes in the middle and the toilet paper goes on top of it all to block it. The trash can just went on the bottom rack.

I always walk from one side to the front restrooms and then go out the other doors. It always appears to people that I've paid, so they don't even give it a second thought.


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OP you need to get a lawyer now.

NC felony's are only charged for items totaling over $1,000, if you tried to use an emergency exit, or if you used a tool to bypass security devices.

Otherwise those two felony charges should be misdemeanors.

EDIT: I see your other comment now saying you had a magnet on you. Sorry OP. RIP