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As a vegan, I don’t see it as my responsibility to proselytize for veganism. Same reason why I don’t talk to communists about why the should be anarchist. Personally, the superiority of that makes me uncomfortable, because I think the elevation of my choice/belief as an individual into an ideology others should adopt out or morality is inappropriate.


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I understand your point. I didn’t go into details in my post, but I don’t mean to call for egalitarianism or to eliminate popular vs. unpopular groups. And I agree “hierarchy” in hindsight is a bit heavy-handed. Maybe these interactions are easier to classify as people acting like self-important pricks with some social clout who also happen to be anarchists.

I appreciate your replies - sometimes it’s easy for me to conflate individuals actions into something larger.


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Time to migrate to Element?!


EDIT: Whatever the solution might be, I hope it isn’t tied to your damn cell phone number. Beyond the obvious security risk there, I’d love to not have to own a smart phone. The fact that anarchist communication essentially revolves around owning a very expensive piece of tech that is engineered to break within a short time span is confusing to me.


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This is some DSA shit. I kept waiting for the person in the video to mock these approaches but it never happened.

  • elected officials who relay info back to the group???
  • an option for closed meetings where not all are allowed to attend???
  • officials can make decisions on behalf of those they represent???
  • formal letters to request meetings???
  • teams are given "autonomy" to make their decisions (erhmm, as long as they abide by the formal structure and rules of this framework)
  • "all meetings must have comprehensive meeting notes taken every time" lol
  • there are also multiple calls for fundraising, links to patreon, gofundme, and merch in the video description

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Nothing surprises me anymore.

Piggy-backing off of this to bring up another technology CBP is using: SAS Visual Investigator. This is incredibly powerful software that legitimately attempts to predict future crimes. I know, I know - it's straight up Minority Report. This software compiles and analyzes massive amounts of data about an individual (e.g., what they were arrested for, where they live, who they're arround) to determine levels of risk, which is then used as probably cause to surveil and intervene if they deem it "necessary" (which they always will).

I hope to see privacy-focused groups work to avoid new tech like this, or share how to disengage its ability to phone home our personal data. It used to be the big joke to pretend our smart phones were listening when we weren't using them. Guess the joke's on us.


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The actions of these Philly organizers from the past week (and much, much longer) show how ineffective a demands-based approach is in confronting these issues. The MOVE bones situation, as well as Mumia’s incarceration, is completely fucked, but holding lengthy press conferences, symbolic marches, and listing weak demands lacks any teeth whatsoever - it’s political theater.

The bones of children were stolen and studied by Ivy League universities for decades and they’re calling for a professor to be fired. Mumia has been a political prisoner for decades, is near death, and they’re reduced to bargaining that they not be restrained to their gurney during a heart operation.

What an admission of defeat. Another example of the conservative, moralized, media-based approach taken all too commonly by community elders.