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the netherlands is racist af, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. still worrisome though, fascists will undoubtedly feel emboldened by this victory, which will probably translate into increased street violence against muslims in particular.

there's positive news as well though. two days before the elections, someone smashed a bottle into the skull of another fascist politician: https://nitter.net/KWinkelaar/status/1726643339066503559.


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If you think not eating meat is about directly saving the lives of nonhumans, you've misunderstood. Of course you're not gonna make a difference in the number of animals killed for food. It's a matter of respect, a way to live according to your (anti-speciesist) values. But perhaps most importantly, it is a necessary prerequisite in the unlearning of speciesism. It's foolish to assume we can do so while still actively participating in the objectification of nonhumans.


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I guess I go through phases when it comes to favorite foods, but at the moment this specific Hands Off vegan praline caramel seasalt chocolate is just... *chef's kiss*

I like to eat a full bar when I'm high (and I may or may not do so on consecutive days at times)


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it's really incredible how they're trying not to fix this simple issue and come up with all sorts of bad excuses to justify it. emma recommended a simple COPYING.thirdparty file where they don't even have to specify which files contain which code, and still the dev is like 'I need to see if there's other code I copied that I missed'. they take the time to post numerous comments, when it would take literally seconds to copy Postmill's license into a COPYING.thirdparty file.

https://kbin.social/m/[email protected]/t/343879/A-reminder-that-kbin-is-still-violating-the-zlib-license#entry-comment-1634902


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I feel like people are a bit rough on you. You're realizing this world is out to destroy you and you wanna fight back. You might want to skip waving placards and demanding stuff (from who?) though. It's not gonna make any difference and it's only gonna set you up for disappointment. Do whatever makes you happy, whatever gives you joy and fulfillment. That probably includes things that add to the undoing of this hellscape. Destroying what destroys you. Asserting your autonomy, your being, against all those forces acting on you. That's what anarchy is to me, an idea folks over here are quite fond of. You might like it too.


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What the hell is going on here? If you vent in a public forum on an anarchist-run site you can expect to receive replies from anarchists with anarchist perspectives. And as far as I can see /u/wednesday was engaging in good faith. As opposed to /u/LillaVee who immediately started throwing around ridiculous accusations.


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You give them way too little credit. Of course they are products of their conditioning—we all are. But not merely. It's not as if they're robots (cops act like them, unconditionally obeying orders and all, but they aren't). They could change, but they don't. As long as cops stay cops, knowingly enforcing with violence rules a handful of politicians have managed to jot down over decades, I'm gonna hate them with all my heart. They know what they're doing, and on top of that, most of them are assholes, arrogant powertrippers that enjoy having power over and using violence against humans and nonhumans alike. Fuck them.

Besides, hate is a powerful feeling and emotion—can move one to act and do so fiercely. I know for me it does. I feel like compassion with the oppressor only benefits them. So no thank you, I will continue to cherish my hatred, that unforgiving energy radiating outward against all that seeks to control me. I would argue it is indeed part of my anarchy, and is synonymous to the love for my individuality, my autonomy—and that of others.