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Sure, Vibia Perpetua is a pre catholism martyr and saint, who was executed with her servant, with whom she had one of those "Sappho and her friend" relationships.

In her diary, she wrote about seeing herself as a man in a vision. She is nowadays considered a saint for the lesbians and trans people.

My name Valentine is similar to my deadname, but I feel very attached to it and I is part of my identity.


vis4valentine OP wrote

I don't really think so, I use my current username online, but I was setting up a mail account, and saw my name Valentine next to my real last name and I thought it was so off, so I'm looking at finding a good last name that I think it fits me, and maybe I'll use it as a Writer's name if I ever publish some of the things I write.


vis4valentine wrote

I'm trans, I should have knows since my entire childhood I used to play as female characters every time I had the chance and used my imagine myself a lot as a girl.

I think all cis people had the thought at some point but not at this frecuency lol.