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I played it quite a bit in the mid-late 2000s as it was one of the only good free FPS games that I could run on Mac OSX. I remember playing that map with the castle and sorrounding forests a lot, and also never being to able to clear any of the jump maps, even the easy ones. I really liked the climbing mechanics despite me sucking at it, though.

I haven't played it since I got myself a Windows PC and got really into CS, TF2 and Garry's Mod, and as of now I haven't played any serious FPS games for a long time. Might get back into it some day.


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They're more relatable to people with middle class upringings. Large corporations will almost always come across as faceless, inhumanly sized organizations with advanced bureaucracies where all public communication is either PR-speak or non-existent. Mom & Pop shops, on the other hand, will more often have a relatable "everydayman" face as you can interact with the owner as if they were any other average person, unlike a big shot CEO who you would have to book an appointment in order to talk to. A lot of middle class people also have "small business" owners in their family and friend circles, and so, attacking their property can end up feeling like attacking them personally.


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Theoretically, yes. For the RF tag to work, the circuit must be able to complete itself which it can't do if the path is blocked or damaged. However, I wouldn't trust a lighter to consistently burn away a path in the circuit, and it is probably quicker and easier to just cut across the circuit with a razor or a box cutter.


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Thanks for all the great advice. I'll be sticking with a lurking-only alt for a little bit but I've got some ideas down for potential alt usernames, both incognito ones and some somewhat recognizable ones. It's not like I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to this sort of thing, I've made one-post burner accounts before and back when Chapo still existed over there, I used to have a fairly incognito alt that I solely used to troll and fuck with the tankies before they became the majority population. I just gotta get used to not having a main that is used for everything now.


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I vaguely remember when this site was made and how it has interacted with r/@, shoplifting and chapo over the years. It's been bookmarked next to reddit for a while now.


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Ziq likes to post links to their work on r/anarchism from time to time. Usually it doesn't get any attention, but this time around, a Bookchin stan (with a recent post history of strawmanning post-left and anti-civ perspectives, no less) noticed it and posted a rant of their own in response. The OP of said rant went on to insinuate that all individualists, post-lefties and anti-civ anarchists are far-right infiltrators, and subsequently called for their deplatforming.

Predictably, shit hit the fan in the comments and the OP got roasted several times over while desperately trying to defend their assumptions. I was myself asked if I was a "rightist" for saying that not all anarchists want to LARP as leftist revolutionaries.

Don't know if you've been lurking on this site much, but the userbase here is mostly of the post-left, individualist, nihilist or anti-civ varieties of anarchism who have never really gotten along with the more dogmatic personalities of the social anarchists, as exemplified by the stereotype of a recent ancom convert who have only ever read Kropotkin and a few other authors with similar views at most.

The schism with Bookchin specifically goes back to his quarrels with Bob Black in the 90s, namely Bookchin's Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism and Black's response Anarchy After Leftism (where he coined the term "post-left anarchy"). Bookchin abandoned anarchism entirely as a result and came up with communalism, a sort of compromise ideology between Marxism and anarchism that emphasizes direct democracy, federalism and social ecology.


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Large parts of ziq's piece paints ancoms with a broader brush than I think they deserve, some of it bordering on strawman arguments. Levelling the charge of "democracy" and "green industry" or implications of unfettered production at anarcho-communism at a whole doesn't reflect the stances of every ancom that I've talked to, so it doesn't come off as very convincing in the end.

"Is Communism Always Authority-Forming?" is the best part of the essay to me and could easily stand on its own, but the broad framing of communism in other parts of it exposes some contradictions that brings down the quality of the discourse in my eyes.

But in the end, it could just come down to differences in experiences. Reddit's anarchist communities of course attracts more "baby leftists" and other ideologues that could skew one's perception of the ideologies they identify with. And the OP of the linked post is obviously spooked by a whole host of authoritarian notions such as "rationality", "progress", "science" and of course the Bookchinite classic: "direct democracy". Not to mention the usage of the word "reactionary" with no substance to it.


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I don't see where the lens would go if it was a camera. Can't tell what it's actually supposed to be considering how blurry the picture is. It mostly looks like a ceiling lamp but the middle bit also looks like it could be anything from a fan to a smoke detector.