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agreed...don't touch power lines or electric equipment...unless you're an experienced electrical worker...you will die a slow horrible death...if things go wrong...


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It is certainly not worth it for an independent person to steal petty things in the country that I am in... It requires membership of an organised group or gang.

The crooked higher ups in politics & business control all theft here..

I really appreciate ur empathy & concern for me & thank you for the kindness..

Yes...having a police record in this country is a terrible thing...because...any police person having access to my records.. would blackmail me & extort money from me on a regular basis... by threatening to expose my shoplifting to my neighbors and family members

I am not well off..but do not need to do shoplifting to survive...

The beatings I received were 5 strong punches to my back, hard slaps to my face & a 2 inch scratch to the center of my nose.. The beatings were done in front of store mgmt/store staff.

Since I am not incapacitated by the beating..I have taken it in my stride...

Being outed as a shoplifter to my parents would have been toxic to me. I'm a fully grown up guy who lives with parents due to necessity. My father would have loved to use my shoplifting capture as an excuse to throw me out of his house had I been outed to him.

Needless to say, I don't plan to resume shoplifting anytime soon..


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this is a true & factual description...of the horror show..that took place yesterday.. I consider myself lucky...that the brutes didn't kick me into unconsciousness...or break my bones..


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Kudos..ur a bold & strong borrower, you borrowed despite knowing that you were being tailed by lp...most people including me would just dump the stuff there & then...and walk out of the store empty handed..timidity & concealment are my methods..as I'm a physically weak guy..of course, I don't gain a lot by borrowing...just the equivalent of begging for spare change..but then something is better than nothing for me..


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Good read...though it seems like belonging to a gang is compulsory to get into big nut money... an individual borrower likely won't be able to get much..