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The reason for the unsafe homes and lack of decent education is often lack of funding.

While poverty worsens abuse, it seems to me that it is the power dynamics created by these institutions that enables and encourages it.

Often when there is little or no funding of education, the result is an educational institutions that ruled by force and violence.

All compulsory education is ruled by forced. Hence compulsory. If you are saying schools shouldn't be compulsory and instead actually be a place that children want to go to uncoerced then maybe we can find some agreement there.

that is certainly not the case in many countries.

If there is compulsory education in your country then by default children are not respected as individuals as such a thing requires that the dominant culture views children as children that must be in their proper place and not individuals.


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acknowledges that children are individuals. But the text somehow supposes that psychological community is the same as it was in the 1960's?

Whatever community it is you speak of may view children as individuals, but the vast majority of adults do not, including teachers and especially parents. I've literally had teachers say to me they plan on "indoctrinating" their students. I assumed the text was referring to culture more generally as well.

Keeping children safe and giving them possibility to develop their personality in peace is not some form of oppression.

Are you saying that schools and parents keep kids safe to develop their own personalities?

If so, I say, children are in no way safe to develop their own unique personalities anywhere where there is compulsory education. Developing a unique personality is completely contrary to schooling which instills norms just by being compulsory and having a fixed curriculum or set of curriculums.

As for parents, I seriously doubt the nuclear family keeps kids safe, but don't really have any argument about it.


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got a exposed heap out in the garden and a plastic compost bin that i found out by other trash. the plastic one seems to break stuff down quicker but might be because of the content. definitely not worth buying one though. not a new one anyways.


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More properly, the impact should be called a criminal 'poisoning', not a clinical 'disease'. These forms of obfuscation are commonly experienced by 'environmental victims' in many countries.

Today, the line between disease and poison was blurred for me


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What does a free alpaca look like? From what I understand, they're domesticated and require substantial influence by homo sapiens - including regular shearing - in order to survive.
But I do appreciate you bringing your perspective to this. I think it has helped me dispell some of the idolatry I was feeling towards this project.


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“blackpill” ideology: the fatalistic idea that a man’s prospects and status in life are inescapably determined by his genetics and physical attractiveness.

Sounds like redpilled to me but guess theyre both bullshit terms anyway. Making me wish the Matrix was never released .


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what's so terrible about it? its nothing special but it answers OP question. and the primary answer it gives is germs like others in this thread have said. just more in depth than a forum comment is ever going to be.
genuinely interested in criticisms of it tho