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I’m ideologically aligned with veganism, but have yet to adopt it. I don’t think that I’d reject anyone because of what they eat unless for some weird reason they purposefully use animal products because they enjoy suffering. You know those people who tout “I’ll be sure to eat twice as much meat so no single vegan can make a change!”

To think anyone would reject people who knowingly use animal products is sort of disturbing to me. Ethical consumerism is not effective nor can everyone do it. Money, health, availability, etc are all factors.


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It feels like these discussions never go well in leftist circles. It seems like you did post this with good intentions so I'm sorry it got derailed :(

I appreciate that. I think I could’ve responded better but considering that the conversation started off with people telling me to fuck off because I’m a Nazi, I think I was more than respectful. I know not everyone on Raddle is like this but it’s upsetting to see the admin acting the way they act.

If not could you explain the difference?

I think I worded it terribly so I understand the confusion, I was just trying to quickly respond to everyone. I think I was being too hyperbolic. What would've been more appropriate to say was that REAL Nazi's suffer from serious issues, including mental health issues. Fighting hate with hate only pushes them to hate even more, and thus being hateful towards everyone actually makes everything worse for everyone. It's worse for genocide victims, worse for political discourse, and just worse for everyone's mood.


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Let us all be kind and reasonable when arguing in favor of not dying

You do realize that supporting war with China will cause death and destruction, perhaps even the end of the world... right? Like it’s not just a matter of living or dying, it’s a matter of wtf is going on so we can act appropriately.

If someone suddenly turns into a genocide apologist on account of someone else being mean to them on the internet [...]

That’s not what I meant, I think you know that.

Why should I, or anyone else, be nice to baby nazis?

Because I’m not a “baby nazi”? I asked for others to pick apart a pro-China argument because I’m not informed enough on the topic to do so myself. Y’all have serious issues.


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FYI we try to avoid implying intellectual disability around here.

I don’t know what I said that implies intellectual disability? I’m disabled myself so I try to avoid that language too because it’s also used against me as well.

  1. don't compare people who oppose genocide to nazis and colonizers.

You completely missed my point. I wasn’t saying opposing genocide is the same as genocide. I was saying that blindly following what you are told makes you just as “impulsive” as a Nazi. Them not being a Nazi was literally mere chance based on where they happened to be born. (assuming they would use the same thinking they use now)

  1. Are you implying that letting a population get erased is a viable a political strategy?


  1. lol

Well you’re against China because of witnesses and claims made by the American military industrial complex... Is this not exactly what happened with Iraq?

Fuck you tankie piece of shit

You’re mad that I somehow implied intellectual disability because I said they are being illogical, but then go ahead and call a disabled LibSoc a “tankie piece of shit” because they’re asking others to pick apart pro-China arguments because I am not informed enough to do so myself.

I gotta say, here are the vibes I’m getting: You’re the type of people who blindly support US imperialism. You’re the type of people who criticize everything in their armchairs rather than doing anything good in the real world. You’re the type of people who pretend to be concerned about bigotry, disability, etc but in the same breath will happily attack random people for literally no reason.


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Thank you so much for your comment. You’ve given me a lot to read, I’ll try and look through it when I can. If you’re able to I’d love to hear a TL;DR but if not I totally understand, it’s a lot of shit to go through.

Interesting situation with more info still coming out. There's a lot more to it than I can fit here.

Have you considered organizing everything on something like a write.as blog post or a pastebin?


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fuck off

You make an intriguing argument. I, a person who was on the fence on an issue because I’m weary of picking a side, am now surely going to believe that the Uyghur genocide is 100% real because of the warm and welcoming culture of skepticism, empiricism, and logic fostered by the site admin.

Look, I can tell you’re very emotional, but telling people who dare ask questions or ask for clarification to “fuck off” doesn’t help your cause. If anything, you’re really pushing me away from your side of the fence. You haven’t made any arguments, addressed anything said in the video, or debunked any of his sources. If the Uyghur genocide is real, I have to say that people like you certainly make their situation worse. If you had caught me at a bad time or if I were someone who is more easily swayed by emotions, you would have created another genocide denier. I say this not to insult you, but you need to get your shit together.


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  1. Umm... Yes? I get the point you’re trying to make, but it’s a stupid one at that. If you’re not willing to look into anything and just believe whatever is told to you, you’re just an anti-intellectual who (in terms of how they rationalize things) is just as bad as Nazis and Colonizers. You just happened to come from a country and time where they’re generally opposed to the things you mentioned. If you had grown up in Nazi Germany you would willingly fight for the fatherland because surely anyone who you are told is evil must be evil and looking into it also makes you evil.

  2. All of these examples are historical examples, meaning they’ve happened or started a long time ago. This gives us the ability to better analyze what’s happened without the fear of what’s going to happen in the future. However with an event being carried out in the present moment, our conclusions and actions we take now will change the fate of humanity forever. Starting WWIII or not starting WWIII seems like a pretty big deal, don’t you?

  3. Serious question, are you in favor of the invasion of Iraq or US imperialism in general? If not now, did you support the invasion in the past? Why or why not?


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Please include citations in your responses

Considering your insulting and bad faith comments, I emphasize this even more so.