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my interpretation of it was that even No Future Nihilists can embody negative or “regressive” politics if they remain in fixed views of the world, i.e. collapse and decay as the only knowable thing in this world. instead, embracing the inherent “unknowability” of the future alongside No Future Nihilism leaves open more possibilities.

i’m still chewing on the piece though so i’m not sure.


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some of my favs:

-Jonas Ceika (CCK Philosophy): applies philosophy and cultural studies to contemporary media plus other random philosophy vids

-Plastic Pills: philosophy

-donoteat01: does these cool urban planning videos based in the game city skylines

-Sideways: music theory nerd and movie/show film score analysis (not super heavy in the theory and pretty funny)

-popular front for when i’m feeling edgy

-GIFGAS and Vagrant Holiday both do train hopping videos which are fun


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always organize offline and start by finding like minded folks. print some zines about police abolition and hand them out to see who bites or look for existing radical education groups or zine distros. this fight is a long term one that will only be effective if we make genuine connections with others and learn to work well with strong boundaries when needed while always being wary of interpersonal dynamics that perpetuate harm.

mimic normality and you can create realms of invisibility where the real fun begins.


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i hella understand what you’re feeling and you’re not alone :)

some aphorisms that i’ve meditated on that have helped me with creative block:

-perfectionism is a perpetual commitment to self doubt

-start with small expressions of creativity or gratitude for beauty around you

-nothing is ever original— what can you do to reconnect and remember sources of inspiration ? is it the land ? other people ? your inner child ?

-be gentle with yourself and follow the specificity of desire of your bodies.. if you just need to sleep and eat and do the bare minimum that’s okay and nothing to be ashamed of <3


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im trying to find this land defense no blogs site that was maybe posted on raffle a couple months ago. i opened it but forgot to bookmark it and now i can’t find it again whooops. if anyone has any clue what im talking about i would love some help— it had a name warrior something.


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i can’t remember if there’s a name for this phenomena but it’s essentially the fact that slower transitions are less noticeable to people around you consistently so can be safer. i know it’s hard when you want to full send and i hope that is also an option for you too at some point :)


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sounds like you have a lot of internalized misogyny to unlearn if this is how you reacted in the heat of the moment. you’re not an evil person because of this but you do have a lot of work to do in valuing bodily autonomy. i recommend reading anything in raddle’s wiki on feminism or things on the anarchist library and also giving her space until she trusts you enough to be vulnerable again. when that happens listen to her and put aside what your feelings are a bit to try and feel what she feels and value her as if it was you while respecting differences.