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One thing you can do is grab some dollar cans and bring those to the self checkout, and just scan those for how ever many cans of Rusto you have in your cart. You're still paying, but it's 25% the cost.


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You should be fine. I've RMA'd a laptop "lost" from a store that sold it with the original manufacturer.


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regarding spray paint:

Rustoleum (rusto) is the best spray paint you can get at US hardware stores/walmarts. Rusto 2x is good but they're all fine. Lots of people boost it. Krylon and the $1 cans suck. A potentially lest risky way to get it is to put a small amount dollar cans in your cart, then the rest rusto. At the self-checkout, use the scanner gun to scan the $1 can for each can in your cart. Basically lets you pay $1 per can of Rusto which is normally like $4 each.

If you do this a bunch you'll end up with a bunch of shitty dollar cans, you can use your last receipt, so long as its within the return window to return all of em.

You can buy paint from fancy european brans like Montana and Molotow but they're expensive. Real graffiti writers just boost rusto and maybe buy that if they're paid to do a piece.

In terms of color, white and black is usually the most versatile. White for darker surfaces and black for lighter ones.

You can get fat caps on sites like artprimo.com or pretty much any store that sells graffiti supplies. These are basically spray nozzles with a wider tip so they spray wider. I like these because you can cover a wider area. For me, i'm not an artist, im just trying to convey a message, so I want to cover as much space in as little time as possible.

For rusto you need female fat caps or an adaptor to fit male fat caps onto a female valve (which rusto now uses to prevent graf writers from using their paint).

In terms of actually doing the painting...

Get some nitrile gloves to use so you can toss them after you're done painting so there isn't paint on your fingers in case you get caught. Don't bring your phone with you. Don't post your work on social media.

It's best to pick somewhere ahead of time. A nice wall or something. Think of how you're gonna get there and how you're gonna leave. Draw out what you're gonna write a few times with sharpie or something so you don't spell it wrong while you're all nervous.

Nighttime is usually best for obvious reasons. If you're by a road and a car is coming. Just stand still into they pass. They most likely didn't see you. If they did see you, they probably aren't sure about what they saw, and if they did see you and know you're writing graffiti, they probably won't call the cops. If they do call the cops, you'll probably be done by the time they finish the call, assuming it's not some huge elaborate piece.

You'll make mistakes. Just acknowledge them and try not to repeat them. Can control is hard. When you're doing big lines you're using your whole body to control the line and that muscle memory will take time to develop.

Just make sure your shit is legible, relevant, and the politics are good.


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I know that feeling and it's really bad but you'll most likely be fine. Just don't go back there again for a long time (like a year). If on the odd chance that cops do knock on your down, don't say ANYTHING! Anything you say can and will be used against you is true. There's nothing you can say to a cop that will lighten any charge they might give you. So just ask for their card and say that your lawyer will be in touch if they want to "ask some questions". Same goes if you're arrested, just answer questions about your identity and then say you will not discuss anything without a lawyer present.

It's VERY unlikely that this will happen, but never talk to cops because it so often leads to self-incrimination. If you go to court, you want to be in a situation where the prosecution has to prove that you committed a crime, so your best defense is not to say ANYTHING at all. Don't acknowledge that you even went to the store that day, let them prove that.


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For stores that don't have any scales I just empty the items I want to pay for out on the platform before the scanner and put the bags the bagging area.

For stores that have the scale on in the bagging area, I leave my bags on the first platform, scan what I want to pay for, put the items in the bagging area, pay for the items, then bag them up in my bags.

I don't have any stores here that have a scale on the first platform where you put your basket.


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I asked a question on here about the self-serve kiosks are walmart, because I was doing good with them by scanning a small cheap item under a more expensive item. $25 jug of olive oil for $.50. There's sometimes a greater by the door at my Wal-Mart who checks receipts. He's pretty easy to avoid though if you act busy.

People really cautioned me on here though. Those Wal-Mart scanners are covered in cameras and the person at the entrance can see how what everyone's scanning. If they can tell you're intentionally doing it, or notice a pattern, they can definitely build a case.

That said, doing one or two items per shopping trip should be sustainable and you will have the benefit of the doubt unless they've been tracking you.

I've found self-check works best at the dead of night as everyone is scrambling around stocking, and the person watching over everything is usually folding clothes or something.


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i was at gamestop once and the employee told me that people regularly run in, grab an entire shelf of games and run out. All the games are behind the counter though and whats out are just display boxes tho lol.


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thanks so much for the insight! I'll try switching it up with what I grab and scoping out the other stores.

This one seems like a mixed bag, depends on who is working. Late at night tends to be really easy though. The person at the screen is usually folding clothes and shit.