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these are all online.

I've had regular irl tables, usually from going to a weekly game night at a game store but i quit that with covid.

my one long time game the gm is a friend i made on leftbook groups. the second i found in the Shadowrun Community Network, which is a SR based discord server that i found looking for SR actual play podcasts. they have a looking for player room/directory and there's usually one post or so every month looking for folks.


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In not one, but TWO groups even. AND they are more regular than not even, which is like unicorn tier fantasy shit! One group is with a GM that I've been playing with on and off for years now. The other group is newer, but I've been with them for a little over a year now.


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I cannot promise that I will be awake at 8:30 or 9am central. My every other Sunday morning Shadowrun game just got rescheduled because starting at 9am meant that I was always juuuuust waking up when we're supposed to be starting so we bumped it back until 10am for me (the joys of playing with Europeans).


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I agree that a lot of what's considered illness or disability is really just a matter of access. My ADHD is only a hindrance in capitalist contexts. When I have the time I need to be able to take I am capable of being very productive. It also centers my ability to produce as a mark of my worth.

I also wonder, like with regards to so-called mood disorders, if I wasn't raised in a culture that told me that I was only worth anything based on how attractive I am, how thin I am, how friendly I am, if I didn't have a society built on shaming me and trying to sell me on how I could be better/prettier/funnier/more desirable... If I didn't have a verbally abusive parent, constantly echoing and reinforcing my insecurities... Especially as we're coming up with evidence that things like chemical imbalances aren't real... Would depression exist in the same way? Is my depression socially created and supported by trauma? What would be different if we lived in a different world?


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deep thoughts by tuesday:

When people say that someone is an anarkiddie or that they need to touch grass, what they're actually doing is dismissing the person they're talking about based on the idea that this person is either too young or too disabled or neurodivergent to pay any attention to, thereby removing their need to respect a person's full humanity.

Doesn't sound very anarchist to me.


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i too am looking for a job now and some of the ads for my profession are so disrespectful with their expectation of what qualifications they require versus what they're willing to pay, or are asking for 5 years experience for an entry level position. ugh.