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dooooo it.

i have actually hated my legal name for most of my life and i didn't like the diminutives of it either and my friends and family never gave me a good nickname.

i advocate that everyone go by names they want to use. sometimes that's their given names but sometimes it isn't!


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turns out that the area I live in averages 12 days a year when the temperature reaches over 100f (38c rounding up). This year so far there's been twice that. I know that you can't really be like "ah! global climate change!" based on daily weather trends but fuck it's been hot. And I think that heat with the combination of not very much rain at all has killed the peach trees in the front of my house. :(



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I find that if I'm taking notes it encourages me to deeply engage with the reading in a way that my adhd brain tends to try to avoid. It forces me to slow down and be more in the moment with the piece rather than just looking at words and then moving onto the next words without actually ingesting anything.


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a few semesters ago i started to take my class notes in onenote, which i like but i don't necessarily like being locked into the ms subscription model so I've been looking for alternatives and stumbled across this video: https://youtu.be/L9SLlxaEEXY which i saved to think about later.

yesterday i remembered that i was looking to replace onenote this semester and went back and watched this video and i really like how they set up their notes so I've been doing a dive into zettelkasten.

i enjoy how it mirrors the way i learned how to do research and take notes when i was in high school before digital notes were a thing - index cards, which helps me to organize ideas together to come up with my own ideas and develop understanding.

obsidian seems to be a popular program in organizing your notes this way.


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Reply to comment by zephyr in my last few days of freedom... by tuesday

I mean I said that:

so these are the last days of freedom that I'm likely to ever have since I have no hope of any sort of retirement.

At any rate, it's not that much money to be honest. I'm going to a community college. My living expenses are pretty low since I'm lucky enough that I don't have to pay rent. I've been living on maybe 5 or 6k a year for the past two years including tuition.


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having lived somewhere where there are some very accustomed to humans squirrels I would hazard some caution. they get demanding and very bold about taking your food after they get used to humans giving them food and they bite real hard.


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one of the sexiest things ever for me is watching someone do something they really love. especially when it takes a lot of practice to get there.

I once fell in lust with someone after they had a conversation with some random we were next to at a bar. they were talking about math. but the way my friend's eyes were sparkling during that conversation, they were so passionate and into it. I was just like ๐Ÿ˜


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you should check out this thing called language transfer. It's like a short podcast, 5-10 minutes or so, i'm only like 10 episodes in but it's about thinking through the differences between English and Spanish. the first few episodes cover words that you already know and how to use them and then also covers the way to find words that are easily convertible from English words with Latin foundation (rather than the Germanic). a lot of people have recommended it to me as someone still learning Spanish.

another thing you might want to check out is Dreaming Spanish, a youtube channel, which is centered on language acquisition rather than grammar lessons, learning through exposure at comprehensible input.