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I don't think it is even close. It is certainly one of the more tight knit forums on the internet, but an affinity group implies a very tight, private bond between a few people. There are dozens of us on Raddle! And we talk out in the open!


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Alright I'll go first I guess.

Lotta 2.4GHz waves. Wonder why that be. Something to do with me? Some Bluetooth or y fee?

Something going on around cell bands. I dunno. Intermittent. Not high volume.

I think 5 GHz y fee is floating around too. Maybe more than 2.4G? No definitely not. There is also the usb3 interference to keep in mind. Oh god I am using the damn drive on the broken usb3 hub. Sorry I need to fix this. Okay good I turned it off and unplugged it.

Okay so yeah normal AM / FM waves, right? I'm not sitting in a Faraday cage for gosh darn sake.


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So many news sites have a full page dedicated to someone who I don't care about at all. Tired.

It seems like the tide is shifting a bit in Ukraine. Major counteroffensives have been launched toward Kherson and Izyum. The latter was a bit of a surprise. The former has been building for months, but is still quite a slow and grinding push. The nuclear plant is still a whole ass clusterfuck. The IAEA noped out of there pretty quickly after writing their critique of the situation. I have no idea how anyone expects it to play out without serious catastrophe. Seems like Putin is of the position that if he can't have it, nobody will... Will he be able to blackmail/chicken the West into giving it up to him? We'll see. We'll see.

I have recovered from COVID. I don't think I got anyone sick. Really grateful for that. Not so happy about losing like 5 pounds (I was already underweight...). Hoping I can build back some muscle over the next few months.


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I don't know how you feel about the purges, but I am a little disappointed. I definitely support suspending serving archives, at least until the dust settles and the content can be scrubbed to protect KF victims. But I do think having an archive is useful broadly.

I don't really know what was hosted on KF, though, so it very well may be 100% doxxing material in which case there is not much left to archive after it has been scrubbed.


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Woke up at 4:20 AM. Traveling today. I'm so fucked.

Was spending time with family and my vegan conversion efforts have faltered. Hopefully I can get back to my usual diet when I get home.

Do y'all visit/stay with family ever? How do you cope? It can be really disorienting/uncomfortable for me. But it was nice to catch up with my cousins who I hadn't seen in over a year.