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Yes and no. I was around for a while starting in 2006 or 2007. There were always toxic parts of the community, but it was probably more contained and less overt. A lot of it depended on the board or even the thread. It also felt like there were more decent people hanging around. I made some good friends through the site.

It definitely did get worse. Probably for a lot of reasons. There are events that felt like turning points, but like the toxicity was already there.


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I watched a few things this week.

Godzilla: KotM was a fun blockbuster. The monsters had a lot off personality and the action was exciting. My only big disappointment with the monsters was that Mothra never got to mess up some rich dudes like she usually does. Unfortunately most every human except Serizawa was annoying and under developed and the movie was a bit of a mess thematically sometimes.

Gundam Narrative was better than Unicorn's ending, but I don't think I read the Axis Shock the same way as NT and UC's writer, and the constant references to it diminish its impact, I think. It also felt a little lazy and a bit like an attempt to retcon the Newtype shenanigans in Unicorn to explain why none of that is in F91 and Victory. They need to get to Crossbone already, but at least we get a Tomino adaptation next.

I've also been watching a bunch of short films because it's easier to find time for them. Charlotte and Her Boyfriend, A Story of Water, and the Fiances of the Bridge Mac Donald were all fun and interesting for different reasons.


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I guess konjac, maybe, or certain types of mushrooms, or seaweed. Idk if any of that counts as veg.