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(1) I'm inclined to recommend Fedora.

(2) Take a look at Thinkpads at your local used electronics markets, maybe.

Do you reallyyyyy need a laptop? PCPartPicker has a list of completed partlists that you can sort by price to build your own desktop, which would likely get you a more powerful computer for cheaper. (If you're willing to look for used/old/cheap parts and leverage available deals to push down the price. In some places, a used thinkpad might really be more economical, but it depends.)


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Yeah, watched part of it, no.

"I've moved on in my thinking" isn't a valid defense when the problem most people have with her is the fact that she's never given a sincere apology.

What she said about the problem with simplistic slogan-y narratives in leftist places is a valid critique but I don't want to hear it from her. Defs not.


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Also username not properly redacted, please fix