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it's a counter-argument against the age-old propaganda spiel that life under "communism" was hell and that everyone welcomed capitalism with open arms. it's good to point out that economic liberalization actually made conditions worse for most people. beyond that, i don't think it does a good job arguing in favor of these regimes. improving conditions doesn't make a regime good or communistic. it's the bare minimum you have to do to keep people from rioting in the streets. if improved living conditions for some percentage of the people is the criteria by which we determine whether a government was "good", then we'd be calling the Nazis good.


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How many people, and is want to the key word here? We've already been at the point of some people wanting to overthrow the government since government was created. Governments are very resilient. My opinion is it doesn't matter how bad things get, that's no replacement for real organization. There's no point of "badness" at which a superb socialist structure is spontaneously spawned into existence. We shouldn't wait until it gets worse, we should start now and convince people it's already bad enough.


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"An anarchist society" as in a hypothetical society without a coercive hierarchical structure that also actively inhibits the construction of such.

I wouldn't call it a utopia per se, because that implies that it's not possible to create such a society, whereas I am of the opinion that we don't yet know for sure what the limits of human society are. I think we need to explore these limits and push towards a better society. The anarchist experiment is just that, an experiment, and even though we can't be sure whether it will work until we try it, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try it.

I'm definitely, despite my username, more of a libertarian socialist than a strict anarchist, but only because of the aforementioned fact that we don't know what the limits are. I'm not going to put all my eggs in one basket and say anything short of total anarchy is insufficient. But I'm not going to say anarchism is unrealistic when it hasn't been tried to any significant extent.