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  • La Commune (Paris, 1871) - 2000, Peter Watkins. This film is like half doc half historical re-enactment of the Paris Commune in a warehouse outside Paris. Details the brief history of the Commune but then also investigates how the event of the re-enactment affects the participants (mostly working class Parisians and immigrants who volunteered to be in it) and changed their sense of history.

  • The Hour of the Furnaces - 1968, Octavio Getino & Fernando Solanas. Radical doc about imperialism's effects on Latin America.

  • The Battle of Chile - 1973-79, Patricio Guzman. Doc about the coup overthrowing Allende.

  • Zvenigora - 1928, Alexander Dovzhenko

  • Arsenal - 1929, Alexander Dovzhenko

  • The End of St. Petersburg - 1927, Vsevelod Pudovkin

  • Strike - 1925, Sergei Eisenstein

  • October: Ten Days That Shook the World - 1929, Eisenstein

  • Gate of Flesh - 1964, Seijun Suzuki. Whether this is radical or not is up for debate, but I'm throwing it up here for being blisteringly anti-American and for being a film that deals honestly with the aftermath of total war.

  • The Human Condition - 1961, Masaki Kobayashi. Just one of the best anti-war films ever & focused on the massive waste of human potential created by arbitrary authority.

  • A Grin Without a Cat (Le fond de l'air est rouge) - 1977, Chris Marker. Doc about political instability in the late 60s, particularly focused on May '68 and the Vietnam War.


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• Marianne and Julianne (Die bleierne zeit), 1981 - Margarethe von Trotta — same subject as Baader Meinhof Complex but much more powerful IMO. It tries to show the process of the characters becoming radicalized and stages a direct confrontation between militant ideology and liberal reformism. And the german title “The Age of Lead” is pretty neat.

• Rosa Luxemburg, 1986 - Margarethe von Trotta

• Jonah, Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 - 1976, Alain Tanner

The seventies had a good amount of radical and radical adjacent films. I have a list compiled on my computer somewhere and have torrented and watched a decent amount. Will add some more from there when I get off work.