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To be honest, I'm surprised to hear that there's still a movement to speak of. At this point I get about the same reaction to a Zeitgeist reference as I would to rage comics, I can haz cheezburger, or some other dated meme.

More substantially: Zeitgeist always struck me as a mishmash of unrelated theories. The first documentary included the Christ Myth Theory (which is not widely accepted by most historians, theological or secular), questions the official story of 9/11 (also not widely accepted, largely just because it's a taboo position, but also often done from a credulous, conspiracy theory perspective) and techno-utopianism (more accepted, but different proposals vary in acceptability).

In short, pretty naive and poorly-informed ideas; the kind that would seem profound (and did to many) upon first hearing, but aren't actually very well-thought out. Stoner-type speculation, in other words. But now that I know these guys are still around, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and allow that their theories have matured and developed sophisticated reasoning to support them.

EDIT: I checked out their website, and in fact their theories have matured and developed coherence. They clearly discovered systems theory, which is still lacking in most anarchist thought. I'm largely in agreement with their analysis of some of the problems facing humanity, but their proposals for dealing them still seem hazy. Their focus is mostly on economics and the environment, but they apparently don't have a lot to say about society. And I'm still not on board with the "post-scarcity" concept (admittedly I haven't read that Bookchin book). Overall I would say that they're making a noble effort, but I'm not at all convinced that there aren't already more workable approaches available.


tnstaec wrote

Similar to you guys. I'm quite familiar with a lot of the historical and theoretical aspects, but my personal practice is languishing. I've come to realize I need some structure and a group to really get the most out of it. Some people have the self-discipline to go solo, but I'm not one of them.