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"America first" isn't a code. It's a dog whistle.

You have the people who voted Trump because of economic concerns. Even these often hold racist views, but they're a (wrong) response to the situation they're in. It's the response forced down their throats by those in power, because it's simple, not very abstract, easy to understand, and of course: benefits the powers.

Then you have all those racists, who have literally nothing to cry about.

It seems that people tend to say that it is either (A) entirely due to racism or (B) entirely due to economic anxiety, when it's really neither. It has to do with (A) being proposed as a solution to (B), an actual problem in the "fly-over states".

Historically and present, racism has been used as a tool of the bourgeoisie. It is a super smart way of killing revolutionary spirit among the working class, because nothing works better than dividing them, distracting from the real problems. By telling them that migrants or other races screw them over, they are less likely to think that the rich are those who are screwing them over.


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Pure liberalism. These are not the ones to blame.

The people who should be blamed is the etablishment, shitty system, poor choices (the system is undemocratic), propaganda through media, education, etc.

While almost all Trump's voters holds some sort of racist opinions, I think that these are really just an reaction to the material conditions. In particular, racist propaganda is a perfect way to kill revolutionary spirit in the working class, by dividing groups.

Their concerns, particularly economic (and that is what it comes down to: for example, the fear of immigrants is because they think they're stealing jobs etc.), are real, but there solutions are trash; they are built upon lies which the elites, the media, and so on has pushed for 100s of years.

People react based on their material conditions. Racism is an irrational response, but it is a response to economic issues. It is a response manufactored by the people in power, because it's simple, easy to sell, and incredibly non-damaging for the powers, as it's pretty much all-white.

Not to say that he doesn't have fascist backers. He has many, indeed, and he refused to disavow them on multiple occasions, but they don't make up the majority.


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This is super nice. Here's a few thoughts

  • Maybe change the font to something more artistic, for example a handwritten one or a smooth one like Gotham.

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  • "Coup" is enough, I'd say.