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ok, so shoot me if you want, but even though these jokes might often be tasteless or dumb, I can find them having a function in showing the absurdity of racism/homophobia/sexism whichever. Let us show an example:

What is the difference between a white person and a black person robbing a liquor store?

-10 years (in prison)

Even though the premise is racist at its core, it shows the problem in a framework people (that are not super-enlightened like everyone here maybe) can reflect upon and see the underlying problem.

TLDR Yes, when used as critique.


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You can do whatever you wish. Fuck protests, keep your consumption to a minimum, get self-sufficient and read, comrade, read. And enjoy the rural life, never forget enjoying life.

Online projects are also a great idea, if you are into programming, go into open source. If you are not, learn programming. If you are into "facts", contribute to wiki, if you are into arts, do your arts. Help out your mother with daily home work (do your dishes ffs). World is your oyster, forget the my side their side bullshit, there are only degrees of escaping enslavement, and it sounds like you are at a pretty free place.

Remember that they want your world to be about the current politician on the top of the shit heap, and not letting your life revolve around that is in itself an act of revolution.

Or you can move into the beautiful decaying mountain of trash urban life and try that for a while. Your choice really.

Good luck.


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I mean of course I can, but I'm using several browsers that are not synced between each other, so it would be a nice function to consider I guess. Well tell me if it is ever implemented.


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So whelp, you know what? I have always been an outsider, for a bunch of different reasons, whether we talk religion, perceived nationality, social class, or just you know being a "difficult" person.

Life has took me a couple of interesting turns, now somewhat guided by exploration and flimmeryjabbery ecstatic enjoyment of existence and all its different aspects, maybe most importantly of our dreams as our representations of our selves i.e we dream what we are and we are what we dream. We can even see aspects of exploitive structures invading those as we speak and I think it is done intently. Thats part of the problem you know. Instead of dreaming about our paths, about what we can become, about what we are and our connections to each other, we increasingly dream about well you know, Ferraris. Or Ipads. Or your party of choice winning. Or of a house that you actually own. Or of a dream partner looking in a specific kind of way, huge abs, silicon titties you know what i mean and if you don't then whoops pm me question marks or whatever.

People internalize those dreams, they are becoming their porsche or their abs or party or whatever they chased after so long in a threadmill, fuelling a bloodthirsty machine of shit. AND THATS WHAT THEY WANT YOU KNOW. THEY WANT TO MAKE YOU INTO A PRODUCT SO THEY CAN SELL YOUR ASS AND SOUL.

This hurts us (and our planet if you are keen on separating those) on a level never experienced before, and as a former health care professional believe is one of the main reasons why we see such an increase of mental sickness worldwide. Depersonalization is real, and since you know, i'm a person and my favorite processes in this world are persons, I am indeed malcontent with this.

What I on the other side am content with is finding this community. You give me hope and despair and all kinds of funny feelings. Thank you, whoever you are behind this screen reading this for being a part of this. Thank you for seeing the problems. Thank you for your active pursuit in solving those. Thank you for spreading the awareness. Thank you for making me think. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me cry.

Remember that even if it all goes to fuck, which very well might be the future, at least we said no. Even if sometimes it is more of a whisper. And that means more than any fucking (insert trademark).

Sincerely Timefocus

PS I can see your dreams, and I like them.

PPS Sry english my third language, can get tricky at times.

PPPS Also slightly high

PPPPS I should include a TLDR shouldnt I?

TL DR Yes, ty


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The big question is how do you stop feeding it, when it has engraved itself so deeply in our lives. We have to eat, and most people don't, and can't produce their own food. For every piece of food you thus eat, for every spraycan you buy, you are giving a part of it to the state, a part to the corporation producing the item, and only a -small part to the actual producers. How do you even destroy that?

Sometimes i actually think that those Islamic extremists are having it partly right. You need these kind of symbols. Attacks on the illusion of safety and routine that the machine provides. We need to blow up factories. We need to attack governmental buildings and infrastructure. Cops and politicians need to be shot. All this together with growing alternative horizontal structures while helping your brothers and sisters.

We've got a lot of work to do.


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Have never been caught for shoplifting, but on the other hand drugs(weed) and public disturbance (lol). Had 0 to no effect on college itself, has a lot of effect on me trying to get a job in a field where every employer wants a clear record. In the legislative area where I am resident, it clears out after 5 years (well 3 years more yay)