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No videos are uploaded to hooktube, it's only a frontend for Youtube, but because youtube will rate limit then block too much requests, then the only way to disrupt him is to actually use his service (using Tor Browser for privacy) and encourage others to do so to maximize the number of requests (automating requests from a single source won't work since he himself blocks abusive requests).

For imgoat you can upload junk gifs, but at some point it's clear that cloudflare will terminate his account unless he passes to a paid plan (again that will make his life worse).


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Can't do much about them using Signal I think. But every shutdown scatters their numbers

You can't be perpetually DDoSing them, every disruption will be only temporarily and then what will you do when they all move to Signal?

Also you have just been proven wrong: HookTube deleted the possibility of fetching comments for videos because it probably cost him more.


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An 8 TB drive is what, $250 right now? 3 cents per day is hardly worth the effort for a site no one uses.

You know that you can increase his bill by having others use his service? It may be just 3 cents per day but the cost for you is basically none as you can run a cron job. And also he's right now loosing money as his patreon donations aren't enough to cover server costs (google ads should be just 10$ for him at best)

It would be more worthwhile to try to disrupt services they actually use to communicate

They will just switch services to something else, what will you do if they switch to Signal?


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At least the two examples I gave do use Cloudflare, but you're still going to cost them both bandwidth and space if you're uploading 100Mo to imgoat for example per day, and this applies to hooktube as well. And no they're using the free option with Cloudflare which means that it's costing Cloudflare money to provide them with bandwidth.


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I had actually proposed something before but /u/ziq ridiculed me for it and banned my account, but it's quiet simple, you use some useful services run by these nazis such as or and that will cost them money, if you try to DDoS them they can easily blocklist the abusive IPs and, thanks to fascist enabling Cloudflare, they can easily rate limit your requests without blocking you.