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No, the problem with Signal is that it's actually Google that blocks traffic from Iran, hence the domain fronting that was put up that relied on as a front didn't work in it, all of this because of some fetishist interpretation of US law (necessary “Death to America” vow here),

Direct access to Signal has also been blocked in Iran for the past 3+ years, but it was not possible to use the same domain fronting technique there. In an apparently unique interpretation of US sanction law, Google does not allow any requests from Iran to be processed by Google App Engine. Requests would get past Iranian censors, but then Google themselves would block them.

In early 2018, a number of policy organizations increased pressure on Google to change their position on how they were interpreting US sanction law so that domain fronting would be possible from Iran. Sadly, these lobbying efforts seem to have had the opposite effect. When Google’s leadership became more aware of domain fronting, it generated internal conversations about whether they wanted to put themselves in the situation of providing cover for sites that entire countries wished to block.

A month later, we received 30-day advance notice from Google that they would be making internal changes to stop domain fronting from working entirely.


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Throwaway here, this affects many other FOSS projects like the Tor Browser which has a high usage meek-amazon pluggable transport. It's really sad to see that the Russia block of Telegram and another app (which apparently relies on Amazon) gave the financial incentive to Amazon to drop support for this (Russia blocked a ton of Amazon's IPs). As you can see yet again, capitalism in action. Sad.