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There's a bigger picture here, please try to see it. We are criticizing the system as a whole, because it is exploitative. Of course you can zoom in on one little part of it, and you'll simply see somebody who's willing to exploit the unfair system with no regard for moral, as long as it's legal, but when it all comes together, things become very cruel.


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I had a period in my life where I was very caught up by this question: who is in control?. It ate me up, used all my energy for a good while, I read a good deal of books and spent every evening searching around the internet. I didn't end up with an answer, but I found something better that gave me peace.

It doesn't matter who's in control. It doesn't matter who sits at the top of the throne, because one thing is sure: "often filth sits upon the throne - and often the throne upon filth, too". No matter who comprises the inner circle of power, one thing is sure: nobody should hold such power!

We are all born with an inherent right to freedom, to make our own lives ours, and that right is violated the very moment we arrive in this world. It is not the people in power we should target, but the power itself. Let go of obsessive, complex analyzing, the answer is quite simple in the end, as most good things often are.


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It's a fun thought, but a bunkers argument. Taxes are meant to support public infrastructure and such.

note: i hate taxes as much as the next guy


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One issue I have with this though, is that with this attitude, one single malicious user could get entire subs closed if we use this approach. Collective punishment is a bad strategy.

Sadly, I don't know what else we could do about it, so I have no solutions to propose. Obviously it's an issue that should be solved for good, they've been some serious assholes lately.

I'm not sure what to do about it, but I feel like this isn't an optimal solution. Perhaps there is none.


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You better be posting this through a trustworthy VPN from the Tor service, on a FOSS Linux box. You're messing with some powerful creatures.

Awesome idea though, I really hope this goes well!! Hyped for the update.


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Fuck, this is scary. The elite is getting stronger and stronger. One lovely day, we'll reach a point of no return - where the elite is so powerful, and the workers so controlled both in mind and body, that change won't be an option.

Imagine the propaganda wave of the future, advertising for a Wall-E like escape from earth, that has at that point turned into a dead rock overflowing with garbage, and the few tough critters that manage to survive there, if any.

What a time to be alive. Makes me want to go on a murder spree and kill myself when I'm finished.


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Programming is fun and useful, if that's your thing. Python is a nice entry level language, and is used in many major projects in the real world, so to speak.

I also love archery, but that requires you to invest in a bow. It's an awesome way to get in touch with your intuition and focus, and get out in nature. Maybe combine it with some camping trips, or as /u/catsforfun suggested, learning to identify plants, trees and mushrooms.

You could give writing a try. It helps me a whole lot in stressful stretches of my life (especially when combined with psychedelics, but that's another story). The same goes for drawing, painting and whittling.

Chess is fun too, if you have some friends who's up to a challenge.