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I'll start:

That fateful day, when I left the monastery to collect herbs - seemingly not so different from any other day - still clouds my inner eye in the moments before sleep takes me. The thought of Lises warmth; and her returning to her husband the day after. I was another person then; but the memory is still mine.

It is a cloud, but it is the most beautiful cloud I have. Beaten only, perhaps, by Narcissus.


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It's also worrying to think about the potential consequences of AI being implemented in places where it shouldn't be, such as job screening or lie detection. There's a real risk that such applications could be used to discriminate against already marginalized groups, and it's crucial that we remain vigilant against this kind of misuse. try to see if you can figure out if I wrote this text, or if I had an AI do it.


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I work a lot. And I enjoy it. Partly because I like my profession, and partly because I like my workplace.

I started a cooperative company with two friends a year or so ago. It's completely owned by its working members (on paper, too - one slice for each), everyone gets paid the same and everything is decided on a consensus-like basis. We also decide our own pay, based on what we make.

We work 30 hours per week. There are no expectations to work more than that (it's slightly discouraged actually), but some do it anyways, because their pay is tied directly to what we make. I'm one of those, because my dad is struggling, and I want to support him.


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A radio tuned a few steps from the channel, and a strong wind howling in a half-open window.


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I'm pretty sure it's still being maintained, although the original developer and author seems to be taking it pretty chill. The last commit was in october.

I just stumbled upon Aegis too, looks cool and is also GPLv3. This one is actively maintained and developed for sure. I haven't tried it, so can't really say a lot about it.