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I work a lot. And I enjoy it. Partly because I like my profession, and partly because I like my workplace.

I started a cooperative company with two friends a year or so ago. It's completely owned by its working members (on paper, too - one slice for each), everyone gets paid the same and everything is decided on a consensus-like basis. We also decide our own pay, based on what we make.

We work 30 hours per week. There are no expectations to work more than that (it's slightly discouraged actually), but some do it anyways, because their pay is tied directly to what we make. I'm one of those, because my dad is struggling, and I want to support him.


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A radio tuned a few steps from the channel, and a strong wind howling in a half-open window.


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I'm pretty sure it's still being maintained, although the original developer and author seems to be taking it pretty chill. The last commit was in october.

I just stumbled upon Aegis too, looks cool and is also GPLv3. This one is actively maintained and developed for sure. I haven't tried it, so can't really say a lot about it.


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This has been discussed before, both on the dark web and some clear-web forums.

Right now, your best bet is either going for General Delivery if you're using USPS, although that doesn't hide your name, using a PO box or having it mailed to a trusted friend.

An optimal system would be one where both parties communicated through a platform and had a shared secret generated and associated with their identities, which were encrypted and stored. The package could then be delivered to a pickup point, where the identity could only be verified against the encrypted details, and not reversed (there's plenty of cryptographic tools for something like this, ala PGP).

Turns out that a system like this is, although practically not very challenging, almost impossible to put in place, mostly because no existing postal company would want to support such a thing for fear of illegal dark web deliveries and such.


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Turns out life quality does not translate directly to comfort. Who would have thought.


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I vote for the mushroom for sure. Not just between the three, but between all living things! The mushroom is impossible to tame, capable of the wildest stuff, and some will straight up tear shitty world-views apart and transform your outlook in a matter of six hours. The mushroom does not tolerate bullshit.


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I'll improvise an introduction:

The landscape is shifting. In a sudden flash of revitalized consciousness, people are, as if by the soft, secret touch of singular synchronicity, moving away from ideology and towards life. The pillars of the old world: politicians; stable bank accounts; hipster coffee shops and an unstained white Mercedes; are being abandoned just as quickly as they were raised and adopted. It will not be long before they, too, are nothing more than yet another layer of sand in the endless desert that is the urban environment.

In search of something truer than what the products of state and capital had to offer, the latest mutation of the human consciousness turns to immediate experience: the one thing that cannot be appropriated by the controllers; cannot be made into a product, mined or called "mine"; the cause and effect of being a thinking, self-conscious creature on this planet.

The experience of the immediate can be found all around us: in the old beech, the whirling whind and the swirling river. However, none are more direct, more passionate and more enjoyable than the primary study of this zine: really cool orgasms.

Sadly, this too has, through cultural engineering of various sorts, been modified, shaped and whittled by the controllers, in their desperate attempt to rob humanity of all that is authentic and lively. Dear reader and friend; do not let them put their hands on your experience! Reclaim your reality, one orgasm at a time! Love your lover as intensely as you fuck your lover! Cum upon the collective mind, and see it revitalised!

In solidarity with all sexy meat of this world, this is Mutual Laid: A Factor of Evolution.


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The most effective and immediate path towards total liberation is clearly sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Something about reclaiming immediate experience. I'm in.