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Fuck, this is scary. The elite is getting stronger and stronger. One lovely day, we'll reach a point of no return - where the elite is so powerful, and the workers so controlled both in mind and body, that change won't be an option.

Imagine the propaganda wave of the future, advertising for a Wall-E like escape from earth, that has at that point turned into a dead rock overflowing with garbage, and the few tough critters that manage to survive there, if any.

What a time to be alive. Makes me want to go on a murder spree and kill myself when I'm finished.


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Programming is fun and useful, if that's your thing. Python is a nice entry level language, and is used in many major projects in the real world, so to speak.

I also love archery, but that requires you to invest in a bow. It's an awesome way to get in touch with your intuition and focus, and get out in nature. Maybe combine it with some camping trips, or as /u/catsforfun suggested, learning to identify plants, trees and mushrooms.

You could give writing a try. It helps me a whole lot in stressful stretches of my life (especially when combined with psychedelics, but that's another story). The same goes for drawing, painting and whittling.

Chess is fun too, if you have some friends who's up to a challenge.


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Microdosing is quite different. It helps you sharpen up and summon your creativity, but I doubt it'd be very effective against depression (as opposed to a full blown trip - shrooms have the capability to completely reset your brain, and restore chemical balance). However, I could be wrong - I have been microdosing, but I haven't been depressed while doing so. I have taken a lot of big travels though.

That aside, I don't trust big pharmacy to simply hand out clean, organic shrooms straight from the earth. I'd much rather get them from a trusty dark web dealer with no agenda.


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I'm running PS CS6 on my laptop using wine. Works almost flawlessly, a few strange visual bugs when dragging the window, but that's to be expected when running something that complex in an emulator.


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I just finished Animal Farm by Orwell and The Method of Freedom by Malatesta. Picked up Nietzsche, got myself a copy of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Beyond Good and Evil. I'm halfway into So Spoke Zarathustra, and goddamn is it an interesting, provoking read.

e: I hope to get some printer ink soon, too, so I can print a copy of Desert (yo f/anticiv).