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Not sure I trust the author's done their research on this. I think first saw the "sponke their monkeys" one leading up to the last federal election. And same sex marriage (for cis people) was passed federally over a year ago (in fact, like 15 months ago). The "same sex marriage marriage legislation" seems like it'd probably be from the leadup to the plebiscite postal survey, so somewhere in the latter half of 2017.


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I posted this question in a friday free talk about 6 months ago, so I figure I may as well try again. Are there any other therians/otherkin who use this site?

Also, unrelated to that, I'm celebrating 2 years on HRT this week, and my partner's celebrating 1 year!! I'm so proud of both of us.


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I've been looking into relationship anarchy recently. It seems really cool!

A youtuber I enjoy, Adam Koebel, is a 'relationship anarchist', and he has a relationship advice show called Hot For Teacher. It's definitely helped me understand relationship anarchy better.

EDIT: There's also this youtube channel which I haven't actually watched, but I recall Adam Koebel saying it was one of the formative texts for his understanding of relationship anarchy or something like that.


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It seems like any oppression a-spec people do face, apparently "doesn't count" to you. If you ignore all the ways a-spec people are oppressed, sure! They're not oppressed! But changing the definition of "oppression" doesn't make anyone safer, so it's a pointless, shitty, derailing thing to do.


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There's been some drama this week with an anti-trans 'womens right group' setting up a stall at the local weekly markets (technically just outside the boundary of the markets, so they dont get in trouble), handing out flyers full of lies and half-truths stretched to their absolute limits about some proposed laws that would make life a lil easier for trans people.

What irks me most, though, is that I can't punch them, because they'd just use that to say, "See! Dangerous males are biologically compelled to assault we poor women! This is proof we can't let trans people into women's spaces"

Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuu!!


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This is exactly why I hate facebook pages that decry vegans because 'you need to dismantle the whole system'.

The vegans I know do far more to achieve that than any facebook meme page admins do. I find you don't really get many people who actually care about climate change or the meat industry or whatever who aren't also vegan. "They live like that because they care" is so beautifully put.


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When people act like "praxis" is only their idea of whatever a 'perfect anarchist' is, I can't help but think, "well fuck anarchy, then; I'll never be perfect, I just want to make things slightly less shitty".

Isn't that why we were all drawn towards out political views? 'Cause we think they're a good way of making things less shitty? If you've lost sight of that (or, god forbid, if that isn't why you got into politics to begin with), I can't see myself listening to you.