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Dillard's doesn't let shoplifters get away. They chase and can be hands on if a large lift is attempted. So if you got away without being chased, they didn't notice a thing. I wouldn't worry too much, but it is a good idea to not go back for a while. Give it as much time as you need to stop feeling nervous about the whole situation.


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I have lifted with friends and overall it's an okay idea if your group knows what you're all doing. I've lifted with a friend who shared the same interest in similar criminal activity so we were in and out without a trace.

I would only suggest lifting with one or two other people. Going in as a group of four or more is instantly suspicious.

If you're going to lift with a friend, ask yourself why. Did they directly ask you to teach them? Do you want to maximize your take with the added people to conceal merchandise on? Don't lift with friends just to show off, or just because you want to. Do not lift with noobs. They should have their own experience before attempting anything within your skill level. Only lift with those with as much, or more, experience than you. You have to remember shoplifting is a criminal act and if you're caught the charges are on everyone involved.


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If that's what you suspect, don't go back there for several months, and always trust your gut. Give it as much time as you need to stop feeling anxious about it.


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Edited your post for you; putting raddle in the link isn't necessary.

No, there's not. The cashier has to manually activate it for it to have any value.


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Picking the lock comes with much risk, but it's possible. Many people have gotten away with it while the store is at its peak emptiness. In the US that would be classified as possession of burglary tools though, so make sure to check with your local laws before trying it.


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  1. If you're too nervous to shoplift even a small item, theft isn't for you. Nervousness is how people get caught quickly. If you want to get started, I insist you have confidence in your abilities.

  2. Target is not a beginner store. Not one bit. Especially if you're acting nervous. If you're looking to start off with shoplifting, you're going to want to start off by taking stuff from retailers with very minimal security. Like, I mean minimal. Like a Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Check out the Master List and only choose a store with a difficulty of 2/10 or lower.

  3. There's a full guide for beginners that I personally wrote, go check it out if you are interested in the basics.


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Can he do something legally? Yes.

Will there any significant benefit? Depends.

People usually press charges if they are injured in some way. If your friend wants to get something out of it, he can contact a lawyer; I am not one therefore I cannot give credible legal advice.