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  1. If you're too nervous to shoplift even a small item, theft isn't for you. Nervousness is how people get caught quickly. If you want to get started, I insist you have confidence in your abilities.

  2. Target is not a beginner store. Not one bit. Especially if you're acting nervous. If you're looking to start off with shoplifting, you're going to want to start off by taking stuff from retailers with very minimal security. Like, I mean minimal. Like a Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Check out the Master List and only choose a store with a difficulty of 2/10 or lower.

  3. There's a full guide for beginners that I personally wrote, go check it out if you are interested in the basics.

Reply to questions by /u/ladylungs


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  1. Raddle is for people 16+ years old. You are too young by the rules to be using this site.

  2. If your anxiety or nervousness is not within your control then shoplifting isn't for you. That's mainly how people get caught. Suspicious behavior.

  3. If you're tried for shoplifting yes your parents are going to get involved, no justice system anywhere will accuse you of a crime without your parents knowledge.

  4. No, you cannot say your friend's mother is your own, especially if the police get involved. Not only is that a dick move and will ruin interpersonal relationships if it goes really far, but if the police get involved and you say their mum is your own that's giving false information to a police officer which will add on to your case and your own parents will get contacted eventually.

I am not trying to come off as rude but there is flaws in every single thing about your plan and this doesn't sound like the thing you should be doing. Also, as stated Raddle should not be used for those under the age of 16, so I will unfortunately have to ban you from the forum and request you come back in a few years.


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The most that's gonna happen is he forwards your description to the rest of mall security, LP and store employees. You dropped the merchandise, therefore they won't send any information to police. The most they're gonna do about it is probably take your picture or description and put it in a binder in the mall security room. That's it.

However, they're not going to recognize you forever. They're not gonna keep your picture on the dash of their little segways. You should be safe to go back in a couple of months, but give it time-- give it at least 3 months before returning.

Please play it smart next time though or just reconsider your entire lifting career. Just because you were tired doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Shoplifting is a criminal offense and you're risking your criminal record every time you attempt it.

Best of luck to you.


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Video games should not be tagged unless they are inside one of those plastic anti-theft cases that can be removed by using an S3 handkey.


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As stated I have been busy yesterday and I apologize. Thanks for the reminder. I will start working on it right now. It should be done by tonight. Thank you.


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A booster bag would be your best bet but be aware, being in possession of one while shoplifting immediately raises your sentence to a felony no matter the amount you’ve lifted

Otherwise there’s no way to detect them without opening the package


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If the store has no towers there’s no way a tagged item could go off considering all tags are nothing more than thick pieces of plastic (besides spider wrap but even they need towers to activate.) Tags send a signal to the towers to set the alarm sound off. Tags themselves don’t make noise.