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I've listening to hyperpop for the last week, I looked up charli XCX on a whim and really liked her new album, and then with SOPHIE's death, I kinda got pulled into a rabbit hole.

I'm listening to 100 gecs atm, sipping vodka-coca, procrastinating my revisions.


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yes, he distinguishes between:

  • acid words: "new words" meant to make people think, describing something new (or renewed). They're used by the (((nerds))) of anarchism. acid because they have a ting

  • butter words: often "old" acid words, that are used by everyone, without really knowing what they mean, and without much of their original meaning. They're dissolved and are can be slipped in anywhere to make discourse slick (hence butter).

His approach was mostly from an activist side, but I feel like there's a similar phenomenon in science (the only academia I know) where new words appear. for example, I feel like "AI", "ML" were once acid words in CS, but are now butter words in everyday life.

In physics I don't have examples of words who's meaning have been dissolved (except for quantum maybe lol), but more that new words appear to distinguish different cases of some phenomena.


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yes I agree, fields have specialized words because the people who use them every day need to describe the nuances of phenomenons easily.

but, like your example with vim, it kinda sucks that only articles written in computer modern get read (latex is a useless barrier, even if imo it's the best tool).


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You are right for now, but btc has a hard limit of 21 million coins. Half the reason mining is becoming less and and less effective, is because the closer we get to those 21 million, the less the network rewards mining (also harder hashes). The network also destroys currency via transaction fees.

NANO also has a fixed amount (but they're all already in circulation), no transaction fee, and is superior to btc in pretty much everything except the size of the bubble


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Also holiday version: the beaches are nice, the girls are sexy, dudes are scary, and streets are dirty (but it isn't a problem: we can't see grime during parties)