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Generally the deposit trigger amount is $10k. But to answer your question -

Buy pre-paid visa/mastercards. No ID is needed, and so long as you aren't an idiot and going to the same places all the time and laying out huge amounts of cash, no one will notice or care. Just stop in to a convenience store, and grab a $200 prepaid card or two every so often.


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These people have no legal right to check or detain you. Think about how this works - in theory, a customer has paid for their merchandise at the checkout before exiting the store, and therefore any attempt to actually detain you would be unlawful. You are walking out of a store with your items you paid for.

It is security theatre. I ignore them and walk past them every time, and they never do anything, because they know the legal ramifications of them stopping a legit customer are just plain not worth it.


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Can we maybe just not be shitty to people based on race, gender, sexual orientation (or lack thereof), condiment preferences, or any other involuntary category? I know it's a revolutionary idea, but hey, it's worth a shot.


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The sheer amount of casual racism and dog-whistling I see in Discord/Riot chats that are for 'normal' subjects is ridiculous. These people are definitely trying to normalize their fucked up views - and when called out on it, they try and act like the person calling them out is a stick-in-the-mud seeking to stop them from 'having fun and joking around'.

I really want a way to punch people in the fucking face over the internet.