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“The gilets jaunes movement for those who are still mobilised has become the affair of agitators who want insurrection and, basically, to overthrow the government,” he said.

“They have engaged in a political battle to contest the legitimacy of the government and president. These people who call for debate don’t want to take part in our national debate. I call on them to participate.”

I absolutely love what these guys make it sound like.


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I'll be blunt; I'd be pretty pissed if you showed up uninvited, unless you were questioning or something similar. I go to these spaces to have shared experiences and common ground with people like me, after dealing with cis white men all day every day. I think its best that one crafts other spaces to be better than to dilute spaces with a specific intent.


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Thanks for chiming in everyone. I put a little fib in this after baiting TheLegendaryBirdMonster the other day. I did it for a reason.

Here it is.

I have been a gamer for a long, long time. When a person starts to engage with gamers they are directed to Youtube videos usually. I've seen the same here; great. What I do agree with is how people get patronized by gamers. Over and over people are harassed and questioned. This is a big reason why Raddle threw you out. I don't care about that too much and I applaud Pewdiepie & Sargon for making this Rewind thing happen.

It's another academic ivory tower IMO. All you have is polemics from an academic standpoint that is very different from reality. That is my only point from yesterdays middle school locker room comment. It was a fib and not a fib because I was in a school because mom made me go. I wasn't an honors student or an athlete or whatever. I don't belong to you or anyone. If I told you everything that I have been through as an gamer you wouldn't believe me.

So what are you doing here? You're burning a fellow gamer that set you up to burn an gamer. I don't care about your marginalized thoughts very much. It's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. You'll never organize because you are scared to death and you are on a constant watch for your enemies.

I didn't vote for anyone except Trump. I wasn't in Charlottesville, but made a thirty minute long Youtube video on how the SJWs were violent. You're not a victim of a big bad white guy trying to take away your big-person gamer card.

Socially I haunt the margins; so I'm marginalized too. You so called 'gamers' do not behave much differently than SJWs IMO. You pull the same crap by coming at me with your clique. As far as alpha beta stuff goes, if you fuckers pull this shit on the street, you'll see my click. And by that, I mean my mouse.