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Well for one, they'll be looking through cameras. However, if an employee or lp is following you, go to two vastly different sections of a store (you should probably do more, or move back and forth across the length of the store) if they follow you across the length of the store drop the goods and leave. Don't come back for a while.


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well yes you can take the card but it will have no monetary value on it, which is why stores are okay keeping them out in the open or else theyd be locked up. if you just take one no alarms will be set off and you now have a worthless piece of plastic. you have to buy the card with money so at the register they can put the value on the card.

you could do the scam where you peel off the label, write down the number, (buy a package of those label backs) put a label back on, and hope you get the money but you have to spend it right away and its very luck-based and tedious to do.


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I prefer to have a journal since I can also write down all indicidual stores (such as how 2 different walmarts can have different levels of secuity). It's also a bit faster for me to look at when I last visited a place since I write down my hauls before I hide the stuff away (also bc the journal I got was cute af and I wanted to use it for something)