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As protests continued in early June, tear gas was used so extensively that many residents of central Istanbul had to keep windows closed even in the heat of summer, or use respirators and then struggle to decontaminate homes of tear gas residue. Police even water cannoned a man in a wheelchair. The Turkish Doctors' Association said that by 15 June, over 11,000 people had been treated for tear gas exposure, and nearly 800 for injuries caused by tear gas cartridges. On the weekend of 15 June, police action escalated significantly. Police were seen adding Jenix Pepper Spray to their water cannons, and the Istanbul Doctors Association later said that there was "a high but an unknown number of first and second-degree burn injuries because of some substance mixed in pressurised water cannons". On the night of 15/16 June police repeatedly tear-gassed the lobby of the Divan Istanbul hotel, where protesters had taken refuge, causing a pregnant woman to miscarry. They also water-cannoned and tear gassed the Taksim German Hospital.

Doctors and medical students organised first aid stations. In some cases the stations and medical personnel were targeted by police with tear gas, and one medical student volunteer was left in intensive care after being beaten by police, despite telling them that he was a doctor trying to help. Medical volunteers were also arrested. "[Police] are now patrolling the streets at night and selectively breaking ground-floor windows of apartments and throwing tear gas into people's homes. They have been joined by groups of AKP sympathisers with baseball bats." One volunteer medic working at a tent in Taksim Square said that "They promised us that they would not attack our field hospital, but they did anyway, firing six rounds of teargas directly into our tent."

Lawyers were also targeted by police. On 11 June at least 20 lawyers gathering at the Istanbul Çağlayan Justice Palace to make a press statement about Gezi Park were detained by police, including riot police. The arrests of total 73–74 lawyers were described as "very brutal and anti-democratic" by one lawyer present, with many injured: "They even kicked their heads, the lawyers were on the ground. They were hitting us they were pushing. They built a circle around us and then they attacked."

There were also reports of journalists being targeted by police, and a Russian journalist "beaten and detained by suspected Turkish intelligence services, as he was taking pictures of empty police cars on Taksim Square". The New York Times reported on 16 June that "One foreign photographer documenting the clashes Saturday night said a police officer had torn his gas mask off him while in a cloud of tear gas, and forced him to clear his memory card of photographs." Reporters without Borders reported eight journalists arrested, some violently, and several forced to delete photographs from their digital cameras.

Wow. Do the Turkish people even know about any of this, or did the media suppress the whole thing? Do people generally like cops there?

A spokesman for the police union Emniyet-Sen said poor treatment of officers by the police was partly to blame for the violence: "Fatigue and constant pressure lead to inattentiveness, aggression and a lack of empathy. It's irresponsible to keep riot police on duty for such long hours without any rest."

lol. Police unions need to be abolished.


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Anarcho-Communists: Violent overthrow of the state / capital

Individualist Anarchists: Illegalism, propaganda of the deed

Green Anarchists: Industrial sabotage, put spikes in trees that maim or kill loggers, violently protect land/water from settlers / developers

Anarcha-Feminists: Kill your rapist

Are there any anarchist schools that are still welcome on reddit?


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Parents of bullies are usually bullies too, who emotionally torture their kids and then the kids repeat that behaviour on your kid. That's been my experience anyway, so talking to the parents of the bully probably won't help.

When I was a kid my aunt took me to the door of my bully's parents and talked to them, and it only made the bullying worse the next day at school.

The parents probably bullied the kid even more as punishment, which led to the kid taking it out on others even more.


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Green anarchism is all about resisting industry and living a simpler life with a smaller footprint. It's a way to remove yourself from the crushing machine to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, and encourage others to follow the example you set. Everything we do in life, we do with intention and while thinking of the effects our actions have on everything else, right down to the micro-organisms in the soil. We avoid doing harm to things with no ability to defend themselves, while working to destroy the institutions and systems that power the machine that crushes the life out of our planet.


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Anarchism is above all a practice, not a theory. It is about actively working to end authoritarian relationships wherever they exist, and build non-authoritarian alternatives. It is not about trying to prescribe a way of life for an imagined place and time, and imagined people. It is for real people and dealing with real problems.

So instead of saying "how does an anarchist society deal with crime," you could say "what are non state solutions to anti-social behaviors?" Instead of asking how an "anarchist society" could deal with the environment or education, what are ways anarchists right now can live sustainably, and raise our children to share our values of horizontality and mutual aid, while still allowing them the autonomy to become whomever they want?

The goal here is less of having the same conversations about imaginary scenarios over and over, and maybe try to have more constructive discussion going. Thanks all!

Now that that's out of the way, I think we face sexual predators the same way we face fascists. We refuse them a platform (which they use to normalize their perversion) and meet them with violence if they attempt to organize or practice their fetish.

And what would the 'age of majority' be? Fluid based on characteristics, or a cultural 'please stay above 18' or '16' or what?

The size of the age gap between the two partners is what's important rather than any hard limit. Sex between a 50 year old and a 14 year old is not capable of being consensual. The power disparity is too great. But a 18 year old and a 16 year old is a different matter, and would then depend on the maturity of the individuals and the context (if there was any coercion or pressure).