the_castrator wrote

These steps are for Firefox, but should be similar for Chrome.

  1. Navigate to page containing PDF

  2. Right click > Inspect Element (this opens dev tools)

  3. Click Network

  4. Hit F5 to refresh the browser

  5. A bunch of files will load in the Network tab

  6. Look for PDF under the Type column (You may see multiple PDFs. The one you're looking for is probably the largest file.)

  7. Right click on the PDF > Copy > Copy URL

  8. Paste URL into another tab and download PDF


the_castrator OP wrote

Thanks for the support. It took a while to find the courage to post here, as I'm not completely confident in my performance. I've been a musician for quite awhile, but this was my first attempt at noise/whatever else.

Good luck with your project. Can't wait to hear it! Don't listen to much gorenoise myself, but I like what this channel posts