temtemy wrote

My mail client is SeaMonkey's Mail and Newsgroups, and it only supports POP3 and IMAP for mail retrieval. Both protocols aren't insecure by themselves.

According to this FAQ Tutanota has no plans to support IMAP, because they "could not guarantee end-to-end encryption". That's what I'm wondering about. If they are confident that the matured POP3 and IMAP protocols are insecure, why not improve on those open standards instead of creating a proprietary one?


temtemy wrote (edited )

Raddle is more browser-agnostic. Lemmy is currently broken in independent browsers like Pale Moon and SeaMonkey's Navigator. Lead dev refuses to fix it themselves because they like implementing draft standards for some reason, lol

Raddle is more lightweight in resources, both client and server-side

Raddle doesn't require JavaScript to function. The same can't be said for Lemmy

Raddle doesn't have tankies. By design.