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it honestly depends on what you want to learn. If your interests lie in STEM areas, then chances are you can self-educate via online resources - it's what i did, and it worked for me. That being said, it's still probably worth getting involved in university stuff for networking with activists and likeminded people.

If you want to avoid the cons, and don't mind dropping the employability aspect ( corporations don't care about what you know, they care about the little slip of paper saying you learned them their way), then just rock up at university organizations without actually attending courses. I did that for a while, got involved with the queer collective at my local uni, made some good friends and had a great time.


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overall, i kind of agree on the views that lead him to favour permanent revolution, but i think his vision of it is stuck in the time period he lived - power structures, much like hierarchical power itself, lends itself to corruption over time, but his vision kind of assumed the need for a centralized, hierarchical power structure in the first place; that's where i veer off into communalism.

Ocalan is the moon.


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reddit chapotraphouse meme, basically asking fascists to post dick pics rather than engaging them on their terms. Essentially a weird way to deplatform someone.


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my theory is that the more techie popular platforms don't get mainstream use because the UI is always the last consideration. Riot has become a much better client since the initial launch, but when it first came out the UI was a nightmare to use. With discord, a couple of clicks and boom everything is up and running.

I reckon if there's ever going to be a widely adopted, privacy focused open source chat platform, it'll have to release with a solid UI/UX design from the very start.


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i'd suggest never modding someone who asks to be a mod outright - i've been running a pretty big trans group for a long time, and that rule pretty much solved mod drama forever. i've noticed that the more someone wants to mod something, the more likely they are to abuse their modding.