tapeworm wrote (edited )

Place is getting killed by commie bullshit, same as every anarchist space I've been on. Only way to safeguard raddle is to stand up to these toxic nerds the way defasher did. Zik should have never given them the rope.

We let them get their greasy little mitts into the site, they'll never let go. When they tried to ban zik for talking back to some lie-spewing tankie, the future of raddle was looking hopeless... Most of that little outrage club seems to have fucked off now though.


tapeworm wrote

You're nodefunallowed, right? You threw a big ass tantrum, flung insults and demanded your themes be removed. What exactly did zik do to you that you consider so unacceptable? Used the word 'colonialist' to describe straight up colonialism? Come on now.

Y'all need to develop a thicker skin and learn to not take your 'beliefs' so serious. Your politics aint your genetics. Someone prodding at your political identity doesn't warrant all this rage. Specially when that identity is as ridiculous as 'I really really like computers'.

You can't laugh at yourself, raddle aint ever gonna be nothing but a private club for fragile butterflies. No one is gonna post here as long as y'all are freaking out whenever someone cracks a harmless joke. Aint like zik is some kind of bigot for making fun of your whack politics.

Raddle needs a sense of humor and it needs to be less exposed to maoist purging.


tapeworm wrote (edited )

This whole "we need to be polite to everyone" routine is strange to see on an anarchist site. If we don't call out folk when they have problematic or undeveloped politics, we're never gonna get nowhere.

When you equate real harassment with shittalking people that voice godawful opinions on the internet... Y'all are showing you too fucking fragile. Anarchy aint a non offensive tea party with your granny.


tapeworm wrote (edited )

For now you could rename controversial to 'heated' (and hot to 'top' or 'busy') and rename most commented to 'Active'?

Edit: realized there's already a 'top'. Could probably make that 'Ever' instead.