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While your post is now ~1 year old, are you interested to discuss it?

You make some important points, but several errors too.

Or did I replied to that post already...can't remember anymore.


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A debate difficult to properly start, since we apply different meaning to that word.

I asked a very similar question some month ago, and even so I thought it is clear what I'm aiming for, people replied with answers that only used their meaning of federation.

And honestly looking for what that word federation is mostly used, I can agree that federation sucks. I restrained from using it.

Being more define what we actually mean, may help to counter misunderstanding, and stops unintentionally aiding a narrative that we may disagree with.

On the other hand, it also helps if others acknowledge the context in which someone asks a question.

When I used the term federation in that context in the past, I refereed to the following: Software that offers voluntary interoperability, autonomy, free association and resilience.

And sure, I do like that.

Before we jump into the how to, it be useful to dig deeper into the why and what. Cause maybe, there are other options that don't even require a software change, but change in human behavior. Or maybe ActivityPub isn't needed and RSS/Atom feeds can serve us well. Or... (just giving examples, to make a point that it may be more useful to talk about directions that people like to take, before defining which maps we need. Hope this analogy makes sense.)


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Im trying to get myself a bicycle.

if the purpose is just having a bicycle you can use, I'd suggest to go with one of the many used once that will just rod if no one picks them up. If you go to big cities you will find plenty of bikes that aren't moved for month/years. Some of them are still good, so you could take one of them. This involves close to no risk, and you can get many bikes.


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So basically current drug addict looking to boost for my habbit I like to think deep, smart, and out of the box.

So if you really like to think deep, smart and out of the box, your aim would be to learn how to either heal your addiction and what caused it, or you'll learn how gain access to drugs that costs you nothing or nearly nothing. What are the drugs you are addicted to?


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Assuming that such a code change has at best the acceptance/approval by postmil dev and raddle users/admins, and that any code change that will have cultural implications should at best take concerns and wishes of developers, admins and users into account, I am already volunteering to bring this change.

While I believe you asked to know if I'm gonna sit down and write the actually code, once it's clear what to actually write: no, probably not. I don't have the required skills and not the resources to learn that atm. Maybe I could manage to create a shitty prototype, but I'd rather see myself finding someone with proper skills and interest to do such. I could also help with fundraising (writing requests to organization who sponsor foss) to pay for the living expenses for such a person if needed.

Last time I brought up this topic I used the word "federation", which carries different meaning depending on what it addresses and by whom it is used. This lead to false assumptions about the idea I was proposing. This time I used different words to describe the same. And yes I think I agree, that autonomy and interoperability describes better of what I mean.


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Raddle only needs half the energy consumes.

lemmy: "...0.40 g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. " "This web page is cleaner than 74 % of web pages tested "

But it's far away from being the best when it comes to energy consumption. Raddle needs 10 times more energy then for example: " 0.02 g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. " "This web page is cleaner than 96 % of web pages tested" full report:

I must also admit that claims like "what we use is the best in doing [something]" is something I encounter often, independent of what people actually use, and usually it's not true.


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The reason that can be difficult varies from case to case. And the issue starts already, when one doesn't know reasons why that can be.

Some are/can be:

  • low self-esteem where you feel like whatever you say is wrong
  • an emotional state where it can be felt unappropriated to speak about something that might be experienced as a minor issue as it could feel as it distracts from the main point and maybe even devalues that. For example: "Fuck Nazis, they doxxed me and they are knocking at my door." I would find it absolutely unappropriated to tell that person in that moment to better refrain from using the word fuck in that way because it's also a reference to r... culture.
  • you need the mental capacity and time to think through it, or to shut yourself down
  • the concept of what is accepted behavior and which is not, is not easy to understand for everyone and the opinions on what is and what isn't also varies.
  • ...

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and they have enough tools to control it,

nope they don't. In order to believe some single entity could control the Tor network, you need to believe that some power holds some hegemony. Just take China and Russia for example. They follow their own interest, and will make their own decisions. Sometimes they will be align to US politics sometimes they oppose it. They want to hand over to the US the power to spy on everyone running Tor? I don't believe that.

Snowden used Tor to leak NSA files. The NSA only learned about it after it went public.

If I remember correct, Chelsea Manning also used Tor, and the agency did not know who it was, until Chelsea Manning admitted this themselves.

The sate want us to believe they have omnipresent power, to make us afraid, to make us believe it's hopeless, to make us believe it's pointless to even try having private spaces online.

If you think it's pointless to even try to protect privacy, you won't start to educate yourself how to gain it. And that's in the interest of those agencies in question. This narrative is part of their power.


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more than 3000 closed pages in the DW in the past by law,

what is it you are referring to?

I read claims that agencies like NSA can maybe decrypt sometimes SSL and that some patterns can be gained from analyzing PGP encrypted text. But then there is Double Ratchet Algorithm and similar, and it doesn't seem reasonable that anyone can decrypt it.


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That is, what should be questioned in the first place is not Proton, but the legislation regarding this activist

Yes, those who created that order should be questioned first place, but that doesn't give proton mail a free pass.

This habit of "just use use our service and your are safe", brings people at risk. It is ProtonMail's responsibility to change that.

They argue they improve on that matter, in the same text say claim that their e2ee is bullet proof. But that's just not true. If they receive an order to inject keys, they gonna do that too. And they will claim again that they couldn't do something about.

They can do something about: inform the users.

Not doing this is the fault of ProtonMail, and only the fault of ProtonMail