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I am trying to elevate discussion, people who are asking dumb questions, non sequitors, labeling ideas with cliches and then bailing, these are all what forum trolls do when they want to make it look like a site has a lot of activity when it does not.

I challenge every person I interact with to constructive discussion, and people who come for destructive discussion are either unintelligent and should be quiet, or are there to prevent constructive discussion.

This is 2019 why I am I having to explain this to any anarchist or socialist over 10 years old is beyond me, or makes me suspicious that you are into destructive discussion.

They cannot get me because I have family who would be able to bail me out, and that would lead to the eventual unravelling of their zersetzung program. People who could mount a legal defense or whose death/accident would be investigated are in a different category from the people they can just frame.

They have to discredit me, ruin my life, then no one will believe what I say.

Also they have not got me already because I am not a criminal and I'm not 'up to' anything, I don't want to be a gang leader or cult leader or che etc. so I just walk through their bait setups and entrapments.

A person who is actually decent and hard working is the one that is most difficult for zersetzung agents to handle, most people can just be ruined with gambling, meth, sex crimes or slander. Most women can be seduced because they can so easily use your file to establish a pretext to know you, and then either assault you or be your long term disruptive boyfriend.

You don't start out trusting someone, by their fruits ye shall know them, holds up over time.

I have a vast trove of anti-authoritarian writing across decades on multiple platforms I could show you if you called me to the carpet. Plays, performance, music, and I have a family that can prove where I was in my early twenties, which all of the spooks can't because they were in the military/police.

And I am telling you, there is a vast undercover program that manipulates people's social media, craigslist and dating websitse to set all manner of left wing activists up. All music festivals are basically operated by the fbi and they also distribute fake mushrooms and acid. They will also start a job where you work, and then get you fired. They will mess with your car, your apartment, everything, to make you ineffective as an activist.

And yes, soldiers on military bases come to sites like this, or build sites like this, as a form of 'defending america' through propaganda and Total Information Awareness.

Steemit is such a site. I am in the process of determining the nature of this one, and so far it looks like another cop shop.

I am giving you the keys to protect yourself, I am not going to stop until they stop doing this weak douchebag bullshit and calling it freedom.

Basically if the bad guys aren't chasing you yet and no one is trying to censor you, then perhaps you should consider the possibility that you aren't doing jack shit and have been effectively pacified and silenced because the movement you are a part of has already been coopted into controlled opposition.

Thanks for asking at least some basic questions, but still you should make note that these are well within the safe 'get maximum information with revealing minimum while casting aspersions' that I experienced so much on reddit I could teach a class on how to do it.

For example, if you are an agent here to obfuscate, your next line of questions will completely ignore my major assertions, and personally attack me for some kind of attitude problem, or any number of cliches that boil down to, "who do you think you are"

I am important, you should listen to me becaue it I have sacrificed to acquire critical information on why the United States is becoming a nightmare tyranny, and if you want to stop it the same old shit is not going to cut it. Otherwise enjoy the colorful prison they have built for you and stop pretending you are doing something by writing on the internet.


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also the fbi or whatever TLA is top dog now doesn't first put people on hit lists, they map out everyone you know and send undercovers to fuck up your life so that all of your friends leave you, you lose your job, your apartment and then when you are living in your van down by the river they will destroy the car computer remotely and send all manner of undercovers to bait you into crimes based upon a very sophisticated psychological profile coordinated with the NSA and military.

And if you survive all of that and are still posting online outing their key strategies of using military grade tech to ruin the lives of civilians who might some day be part of a movement to idk stop them from destroying the world, THEN they put you on the hitlist or maybe drive you insane. And make shit up about you.

Seth Rich was the exception not the rule. Michael Hastings, Michael Ruppert, Gary Web, James Padfield, this is how the system ultimately silences people physically.

Algorithms are how they are silenced technically, and yes, facebork and the bird site have a list of who can go viral and who cannot.

Any questions?


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you can use the enlarge feature

if you put it in your brain and think about it, then you will get some ideas on how to respond to it

but if you throw it in the trash and pretend it didn't happen, then we can't be friends

I'm a symbiosis architect and that's how symbiosis gets built, we consider each others ideas and discuss them based on their merits.

I know, radical.


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Another pointless distraction comment, I did not mean he personally controls the whole thing, but people like him control the whole thing and get free reign with their perversions. It is only in rare, rare cases where they fuck up extremely badly where we get to see behind the curtain, and that's why Epstein is a paradigm case.

So if the best thing you have to say about this whole situation is the above comment, I wonder why you bother writing at all because you have nothing to say.

And that is not random, he's someone who trafficked 13 year old women from Mar A Lago, the presidents pad, and flies around with Bill Clinton on private jets.

It is so tiring explaining the world to people who were born yesterday


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really, no thinking people use the phrase conspiracy theory, it just proves you haven't escaped the brainwashing from the teevee that disallows you from using critical thinking to use econ 101 methodology like Structural Functionalism.

Categorizing all attempts to theorize who might be making backroom deals in the world is a form of virtual lobotomization, and it will probably take you a few years to reverse those affects and truly start thinking for yourself.

I didn't say anything about a jewish new world order, so that would be the second non-productive distraction you have thrown into the conversation.

The next thing you say to me should be a lot more intelligent or I will block you and suggest you go back to reddit where pointless circlejerks are encouraged.


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because of the internet, information is global and rather than simply go to wikipedia or some such you asked me to explain the history of the world to date rather than do the effort

because it is a huge news story

and because you didn't respond to the main points of what i pm'd you about, the contents of which you could either say 'hey i dont believe this' or anything, but to pretend it did not happen calls my trust of you and this site into question

you do know, thats what fucking cointelpro does now, make fake new tech alt sites like steemit, bait people to spilling their guts, put it in their file, then eventually, some day, quietly close the site censoring whatever people had said

Peace, Abundance, Liberty radio on discord, yeah that's cops too. All free speech traps.

If you are not actual police yourself ziq, then right now they are planning to befriend you, join the admin team, get the passwords, make the site a mess, then it will get shut down.

Refusal to acknowledge this will be all I need to know, choose your next words carefully.


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remains to be seen, waters being tested

so far it looks just like reddit

what you did not do is demonstrate how this wasn't a shit post and how this isn't the way it works, i.e. bait with violence, loop everyone into investigation

right wing cops vs left wing everything 101


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dude 2019 is wierd, catch up.

are you really dismissing ideas because they are not normal enough for you?

Jeffrey Epstein represents the global elite of bankers and other bullshit occupations, and I am telling the united states military that they are at the moment controlled by these people who also happen to legally traffic children for their sick desires.

Do you think the active duty service men and women and trans people enjoy knowing that they are working to maintain a global order run by totally depraved people?

If Epstein and his ilk snapped a finger, the entire u.s. national debt could be called in and the pentagon audited, do they consider that good national defense?

These are not wierd theories, this is the version of the world the facts most support.

i.e. the u.s. military is not in africa to protect people in montana from terrorism, it is there to secure the interest of corporations and the unlimited economic growth paradigm upon which the cancer of global capitalism depends.

the next thing you say better be like 10x more intelligent than the first two responses or im blocking you


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only cops and ignorant people even use the phrase conspiracy theory

you may notice that the entire world is trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy between trump and russia, so to outright dismiss conspiracy theories like it's 1964 is extremely stupid.

sometimes when people write, they use license, and use some individuals to represent classes of people.

and sometimes when writers do this, people who want to f with the forum come and pretend they don't get it and ask stupid questions


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I'm pretty sure to get on Teevee or go viral you have to have never heard of noam chomsky.

This is true but outdated. Now with public and private being mixed up beyond repair, and since they only need a handful of people in the entertainment industry compared to the actual talent out there, they can really blacklist people for life with the click of a button.

Once your button is clicked, nothing you do on any platform can ever go viral, 24 hours a day, for the rest of your life and thereafter, globally.

Meanwhile they can cherry pick every celebrity who is in their cult or extremely naive or whatever.

Yeah, they started with 5 filters, but now there are unlimited filters, reverse censorship, free speech as a trap and decoration.

But the mainstream is controlled and if you aren't controlled, you won't be getting in it.


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Oh, you think there will be an election? You think the elections are actually elections?

It's actually about who wants civil war to divide the usa now for plunder and those who want to devide it later for plunder.

9/11 proved the us military is subservient to foreign powers and jeffrey epstein, so yes a years long argument about the best figurehead is nauseating beyond belief.

Shouldn't you be thinking more along the lines of the fun you can have doing banksy style cognative dissonance pranks on people under mind control?


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"how many scumbag agent provocateurs on a public platform does it take to shift discussion in a direction that allows all participants to be easily categorized as violent extremists worthy of full time surveillance and military coordinated subverstion?"

"how many lawyers, judges and prosecutors does it take to categorize even the people who do not advocate violence as violent extremists just for participating in a discussion with agent provacateurs advocating violence?"

This is idiotic, downvoted.


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has run afoul of? can you get less specific? /s

really tho what is the real reason this site is a problem for the world and internet?

-guy who signed up yesterday who has 0 skin in the game and is just trying to find out if this site is run by the fbi or not


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Future headline:

hundreds of random explosions worldwide as 9000 chinese drones mysteriously go missing, internet down in europe and the united states.

hardware designed to be backdoored cannot be unbackdoored. Russia, china, israel and the united states only make backdoored products, with rare exception.

I will trust a drone, if I built it.


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Saying you don't mind being tracked is equivalent to saying you are an idiot who would not revolt under any condition.

Even cows will revolt under some condition.

Using a computer without root access is a form of self harm. Using technology you do not understand is a good way to sell yourself out to other people and get into bad accidents.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what they are probably planning, they knew what they were doing and planned to backdoor every windows system.

Wait until thousands of people get locked up for something that showed up on their computer but which they did not put there.

One day the glassy eyed trust for large companies and govt agents is going to come to an end and people will rightly panic when they realize how many bad and weak decisions they made to dig the hole they are in.


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Contemporary american comedy is in a long, dark phase of apostacy. I am a comedian and have loved comedy all of my life and I can barely watch anything. Also having spent a long time in los angeles trying to break in, I know it is a very rigged game and that actual fbi agents become comedians. They do not want another bill hicks, and a lot of the industry is controlled by zionists. Ari Schaffir is a good example of someone I can't listen to for 5 minutes because it is degenerate cultural programming. He was automatically made a comedian somehow, he didn't work his way up through shit, that isn't chance or luck or talent, especially because he really sucks.

There is a big push for some reason also to trivialize all psychedelic usage, keep an eye out for any comedian bragging about doing shrooms for example.

Dave Chappelle's The Bird Revelation is something worth watching more than once, truly brilliant and I admire him immensely. Read between the lines of what he is saying for the real drops.

Katt William's 2018 special is also fantastic.

Just about everybody else I lose respect because they dodge difficult topics, but like I said this is a horrible time for american comedy and culture in general. Bo Burnham I find insufferable. The golden child when I was in LA was Jarrod Carmichael, one of the most empty headed people Ive ever listened to talk, i.e. 'why care about the climate?' that is just cultural programming to be a nihilist or worse.

I do not want to hear the guys in the inside industry of comedy at all, I want to hear the outlaws, the outcasts, because I am one of them. Basically the king always chooses jesters who know the deal, make fun of the kings enemies, not the king.

And I am no jester for the king.

edit: i feel bad I didn't think of maria bamford, she is fantastic. I will think of others. I don't want to say there are no good comedians but the ones that get on TV are awfully tame. Colbert and Conan get me through the night sometimes even though they are admittedly milquetoasty. But really beward of degenerate social programming, comedy is now treated like a branch of the military and things like 9/11 truth are absolutely censored, which is telling.