syko4MT wrote

Faceplant & Twit have become an addiction for the uneducated masses of the world. If they had any common-sense they would have never started using them.

Gargoyle, Faceplant, etc. are NOT your friend. None of them care squat about you. They have raped your personal and private life to shreds... for THEIR profit!


syko4MT wrote

Breaking the law! Rolling through Stop signs, speeding, using hand-held phones, hell any/all laws.

If someone has to watch you for you to do the right/lawful thing... you are either a child, blind, severely mentally retarded or you have a criminal mindset. Most of the drivers in my town are down to the last one.

The fact that we have had a lot of stupid tree huggers (and we all know you can't fix stupid), Californicators, Washingtonians, Oregonians and Texass' move to S.W. Montana plays a huge part. All of which are as useless as tits on a boar hog.

By far the worst are the employees of the local hospital and parents dropping/picking up their children for school. They act as though they have carte blanch over any law.

Everyone wants to move here because it is quiet and beautiful. But once here, apparently our speed limits are just to slow for them. (Hey you toadstools, that's why it WAS quiet!) It's not quiet/quaint/empty anymore!