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I tried playing Freeciv a while back and there was some really fundamental reason I couldn't; I think the problem was that you can't drag units to move them with the mouse, and since I only have a small laptop the alt-numpad isn't really a comfortable alternative.

Anybody familiar know if there's a toggle-able mouse movement option in the game, or maybe if it's been added as a default since I last tried to play it a few years ago? I love Civ and would dig getting to play it again.


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Depends on what you mean by "political correctness."

As simple shorthand for not using language that reinforces hierarchy and oppression, you're a piece of shit if you aren't in favor of it. There's a reason that the people who benefit from continued oppression oppose attempts to limit the way they exercise it through language, and if you're at all serious about combating oppression you need to understand that.

Obviously the term itself has origins in rigid adherence to party ideology (20th century Communist Party, if memory serves), and in that respect, it's a bad thing. You shouldn't follow a certain course of action just because the party leaders say it advances party goals, but that doesn't mean the proscribed actions themselves are necessarily always undesirable.


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Attack any criticism of totalitarian governments in majority non-white countries as racist. Or really just openly and shamelessly being an ML in any respect.

Also why you gotta be like that comrade ;_;


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I haven't been a fan of much of their newer products, but I'd still probably feel melancholy over the disappearance of Sony. They've done beautiful things with industrial design over the years and I've always respected that aspect of their products, regardless of how wrapped up they are in luxury/lifestyle consumption.

Actually I'd probably say the same about a lot of Japanese companies with more down-to-earth design philosophies. Innovation, reliability, elegant simplicity. Honda, Nintendo, etc... Regardless of how they fit into a larger system of commodity production, I think a lot of the things they've made are respectable as objects.